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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Erin Crandall Acadia University PhD Canada Canadian politics, judicial politics, constitutional law, judicial selection, election law, women and the law Media Contact
Casey Dominguez University of San Diego PhD United States Presidential elections, primary elections, political parties, campaign finance, Superpacs, presidential power, war power, Media Contact
Diana Dwyre California State University, Chico PhD Media Contact
Erika Franklin Fowler Wesleyan University PhD US Campaign advertising, news media, local news, political communication, elections, campaign finance, health politics, public opinion Media Contact
Anika Gauja Sydney University PhD Australia Political parties, membership, party law, comparative political institutions. Media Contact
Amanda Hollis-Brusky Pomona College PhD United States Supreme Court, gun control, federalism, separation of powers, executive power, unitary executive theory, conservative legal movement, Originalism, constitutional law, reproductive rights, affirmative action, war powers, 2016 Election, campaign finance, conservative Christian legal movement, legal education, legal profession, the Federalist Society Media Contact
Jaclyn Kettler Boise State University PhD American politics, state politics, political parties & interest groups, campaign finance, gender and politics Media Contact
Amanda Pinkston Harvard University PhD Candidate Benin, Ghana, Togo Media Contact
Eleanor Powell University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD United States Legislative Politics, Campaign Finance, Class Inequality and Labor Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups, Research Methods/Research Design Media Contact
Sarah Reckhow Michigan State PhD USA philanthropy, education, urban, elections, donors Media Contact
Amy Semet Princeton University PhD American Politics, Public Law, Quantitative Methods, American Institutions Media Contact
Michele Swers Georgetown University PhD Congress, elections, women and politics, gender gap, women in Congress, women voters, parties in Congress, Congressional leadership, Congressional policy making, judicial nominations, campaign finance. Media Contact
Jennifer Victor George Mason University PhD 2016 Election, congressional politics, political parties, campaign finance, political networks, lobbying, Congress Media Contact
Amber Wichowsky Marquette University PhD United States Media Contact
Abby Wood USC PhD Campaign finance Bureaucracy Public Law Experimental Research Media Contact