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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Carla Abdo University of Maryland PhD Candidate Media Contact
Natália Aguiar Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) PhD Candidate Brazil and Latin America in general Voting Behaviour, Political Participation, Mandatory Voting, Compulsory Voting Law, Non-Compulsory Voting, Brazilian Politics, Latin America, Brazilian Voting Behaviour, Voting Turnout, Electoral Abstention. Media Contact
Petra Ahrens University of Antwerp PhD Germany, European Union European Union, gender politics, intersectionality, women's movements, gender policy, comparative gender and politics, Germany, employment policies, social politics, civil society organisations Media Contact
Hannah Alarian University of Virginia PhD European Union; Germany; Netherlands; United States Immigration, citizenship, integration, comparative politics, Europe Media Contact
Andrea Aldrich Texas A&M University PhD European Union, Croatia, Southeastern Europe Legislative behavior, political parties, party organization, electoral politics, parliamentary democracies, representation, European Union, European Parliament, Balkans Media Contact
Camila Andrade Gripp The New School PhD Candidate Media Contact
Nadine Ansorg University of Kent PhD Congo Media Contact
Margaret Ariotti Pennsylvania State University PhD Candidate Burkina Faso, Senegal Government composition, government formation, executive-legislative relations, political parties, bureaucracy, public goods provision, Burkina Faso, Senegal Media Contact
Celeste Arrington George Washington University PhD Korea (North and South), Japan Media Contact
Amy Atchison Valparaiso University PhD Advanced industrial democracies Media Contact
Kristin M. Bakke University College London PhD Russia, Eurasian de facto states (Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transdniestria), some work on India, Canada (Quebec), Northern Ireland, and Guatemala Political violence, civil war, self-determination conflicts, post-conflict societies, de facto states, foreign fighters, civil society Media Contact
Lauren Balasco Pittsburg State University PhD Transitional justice, international law, human rights, Latin American politics, development, citizen insecurity Media Contact
Laia Balcells Duke University PhD Spain, Cote d´Ivoire, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Scotland civil wars, political violence, secessionism, independence movements, self-determination, terrorism, armed groups, insurgencies, counterinsurgency, warfare Media Contact
Naazneen Barma Naval Postgraduate School PhD Afghanistan, Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, Mongolia political economy of development, peacebuilding, statebuilding, political order, institutional reform, governance, aid, post-conflict, natural resource governance, international political economy Media Contact
Tiffany Barnes University of Kentucky PhD Argentina and Chile Women in Politics, Gender and Politics, Women's Representation, Women's Rights, Gender Quotas, Latin America, Gender Gap in Public Opinion, Gender Gap in Political Participation, Gender Equality Policies, Gender Egalitarian Attitudes, Election Law Reform, Electoral Systems, Legislative Behavior Media Contact
Rachel Beatty Riedl Northwestern University PhD Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso Political Parties, Democratization, Authoritarianism, Historical Institutionalism, Religion and Politics, Regime Transition, Term Limits, Decentralization, Local Governance, Representation, Identity Politics Media Contact
Emily Beaulieu University of Kentucky PhD elections, election fraud, corruption, election laws, voter ID, voter ID laws, protest, boycotts, disenfranchisement, felon disenfranchisement, gender, scandal, women, violence, election violence, brawls, parliamentary brawls, legislative brawls, democracy, democracy promotion, democratic transition, democratization, post-conflict elections Media Contact
Laura Bell West Texas A&M University PhD Lebanon assassination, terrorism, political violence, the Middle East and North Africa, repression Media Contact
Lindsay Benstead Portland State University PhD Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan Middle East and North Africa, Identity politics (religion, tribe, gender), women and politics, legislatures, public opinion, authoritarian regimes, democratization, clientelism, service provision, local governance. Media Contact
Lydia Beuman Dublin City University PhD Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe Power-sharing, political institutions, conflict resolution, democratisation, governments of national unity. Media Contact
Federiga Bindi Sais Johns Hopkins / Rome Tor Vergata PhD Italy, Portugal, France, Norway, US, European Union, Belgium European and American Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Relations, International Politics, EU Institutions and Governance, American Government, Comparative Politics, Government and Public Administration, Italian Politics, Contemporary History, Women Leadership, Gender Equality, International Education, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, European Union Media Contact
Patricia Boling Purdue University PhD Japan, the United States, Germany and France comparative work-family policies low fertility/demographic crisis food and nutrition policy (comparative) anti-obesity policy (comparative) Media Contact
Sarah Bouchat University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD Candidate Myanmar, Southeast Asia Authoritarianism, political economy, methodology Media Contact
Rachel Bowen The Ohio State University PhD Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica Courts, Policing, Violence Against Women, Gender Based Violence, Rule of Law, Public Security, Central America Media Contact
Dawn Brancati Columbia University PhD political violence, elections, decentralization, separatism, democracy protests Media Contact
Emma Briant University of Sheffield PhD UK, USA Propaganda, Political communication, Counter-terrorism, media, conflict, disability, journalism, asylum, migration, refugees. Media Contact
Carla Bringas Osaka University PhD Japan, Mozambique, Peru Media Contact
Marissa Brookes University of California, Riverside PhD No Media Contact
Stephanie Burchard Institute for Defense Analyses PhD Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa Elections, electoral violence, gender, political representation, political institutions, conflict, security sector reform, defense and security issues Media Contact
Patrícia Calca Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) PhD Portugal, European Union Legislative behaviour, executives, rational-choice, comparative politics, public policy, political accountability, corruption and political communication Media Contact
Daniela Campello Getulio Vargas Foundation PhD Media Contact
Alexandra Cirone London School of Economics, Columbia University PhD Candidate Western Europe, EU European politics, political economy, legislatures, parties, historical political economy, EU, comparative politics, quantitative methods Media Contact
Jennifer Cyr University of Arizona PhD Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela political parties, political party resources, political identity, democracy, chavismo, fujimorismo, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, MAS (Bolivia) , focus groups Media Contact
Léonie de Jonge University of Cambridge PhD Candidate Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland right-wing populism, populism, direct democracy, comparative politics. Media Contact
Marie Demker Gothenburg University PhD Sweden, France, Norway Political parties, Ideology, Nationalism, Religion Media Contact
Amanda Driscoll Florida State University PhD Latin America No Media Contact
Amanda Edgell University of Florida PhD Candidate Uganda; Kenya gender quotas; democratization; institutions; elections Media Contact
Rachel Ellett Beloit College PhD Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho courts, rule of law, judiciary, comparative judicial politics, judges, lawyers, democracy Media Contact
Bonnie Field Bentley University PhD Spain democracy, parliamentary government, political parties, territorial politics, democratization, Spain Media Contact
Angela Fonseca Pontificia Universidad Javeriana PhD Colombia, Cuba Media Contact
Jessica Fortin-Rittberger University of Salzburg PhD Germany, post-soviet countries Comparative democratization, methodology, surveys, representation, electoral systems No Media Contact
Kendall Funk Texas A&M University PhD Candidate Brazil gender, women, Latin America, Brazil, decentralization, local government, public service provision Media Contact
Laura Gamboa Utah State University PhD Colombia and Venezuela Regime and Regime Change, Political Parties, Voting Behavior, Experiments, Qualitative Methods, Mixed Methods Media Contact
Malu Gatto University of Zürich PhD Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica Gender and Politics, Gender Quotas, Women's Political Representation, Brazil, Latin America, Legislatures Media Contact
Anika Gauja Sydney University PhD Australia Political parties, membership, party law, comparative political institutions. Media Contact
Julie George Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY PhD Georgia Georgia; Caucasus; former Communist region; democratization; ethnic conflict; state building Media Contact
Lilia Giugni University of Cambridge PhD Candidate United Kingdom, Italy British Politics, Italian Politics, British Labour Party, Italian Democratic Party, European left, European populism, British think-tanks, intellectuals and politics, women's activism, British feminist movement, Italian feminist movement Media Contact
Terri Givens Menlo College PhD United States, France, Germany, Britain Immigration, Electoral Politics, Radical Right, France, Germany, Britain, Race in Europe, Antidiscrimination Policy, Discrimination Media Contact
Sona Golder Penn State University PhD government formation, coalitions, comparative political institutions, parliamentary democracies, Europe Media Contact
Larissa Gomes Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brasil PhD Candidate Brazil Gender, Legislative, New Institutionalism No Media Contact
Sara Wallace Goodman University of California, Irvine PhD European Union; UK; Netherlands; Germany; France citizenship, immigration, integration, multiculturalism, citizenship tests, refugees, nationalism, social policy, welfare state Media Contact
Yana Gorokhovskaia Columbia University PhD Russia, former Soviet Union authoritarianism, Russia, protest, civil society, elections, voter turnout Media Contact
Jessica Gottlieb Texas A&M University PhD Mali, Senegal, Benin democratic accountability, voting behavior, gender, clientelism No Media Contact
Shelby Grossman Harvard University PhD Candidate Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea informal trade, political economy Media Contact
Rebecca Hamlin University of Massachusetts PhD United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom asylum, refugee, migrant, immigration, international law, administrative law Media Contact
Niamh Hardiman University College Dublin PhD Ireland, EU, European periphery Eurozone crisis, political economy of growth, fiscal politics, state structure and organization, budgetary policy, austerity and its consequences No Media Contact
Veronica Herrera University of Connecticut PhD Mexico infrastructure, cities, urban, pollution, water, environment, comparative politics, Latin America, field research, interviewing, qualitative methods Media Contact
Emily Holland Columbia University PhD Candidate Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania Energy Politics, Russia, Gas, Gazprom, Ukraine, Oligarchs, Corruption, Trade, Oil, Foreign Policy Media Contact
Jean Hong Hong Kong University of Science and Technology PhD China, Korea, Taiwan Political science, comparative politics, political economy, authoritarian regime, China, Korea Media Contact
Verónica Hoyo UC San Diego PhD France, Mexico, Outsider parties, Front National (FN), party strategies, Western Europe, Latin America, France, Mexico Media Contact
Roselyn Hsueh Temple University PhD China/ East Asia, India, Russia, developing countries market reform, globalization, comparative capitalism, industrial policy, development, institutions, regulation, governance, political economy, China, India, Russia, developing countries Media Contact
Alison Johnston Oregon State University PhD European Union, the UK, the Netherlands The Euro Crisis, the European Union, general strikes, housing bubbles, labor markets Media Contact
Karen Jusko Stanford University PhD Media Contact
Marisa Kellam Waseda University PhD Latin America, media freedom, democracy, political parties, presidents Media Contact
Friederike Luise Kelle University of Konstanz PhD self-determination, territory, political violence, nonviolence, secession, religion, sovereignty referendums Media Contact
Meryl Kenny University of Edinburgh PhD United Kingdom gender, women, elections, political parties, gender quotas, gender equality, United Kingdom, Scotland Media Contact
Georgia Kernell University of California, Los Angeles PhD political parties, elections, Europe, communication, formal and quantitative methods Media Contact
Kendra Koivu University of New Mexico PhD Finland and Turkey comparative politics, comparative political economy, political history, interwar period, Finnish politics, Turkish politics, narcotics trafficking, international drug control regimes, alcohol trafficking, alcohol prohibition, organized crime, World War I, statebuilding, set theory, qualitative methods, mixed methods, counterfactual analysis, qualitative comparative analysis Media Contact
Petia Kostadinova University of Illinois at Chicago PhD Media Contact
Amie Kreppel University of Florida PhD European Union, Italy European Union, European Parliament, European political institutions, Legislatures, Italian Politics Media Contact
Milli Lake Arizona State University PhD East/Central Africa Rule of law, state building, gender, NGOs, civil conflict, political violence, human rights No Media Contact
Debra Leiter University of Missouri-Kansas City PhD Germany, United Kingdom, Voting, European Politics, Elections, Political Behavior Media Contact
Margaret Levi Stanford University PhD trust in government, future of work and workers, supply chains Media Contact
Jiaqi Liang University of Illinois at Chicago PhD U.S., China Media Contact
Christine Lipsmeyer Texas A&M University PhD public policy, political economy, political institutions, political preferences No Media Contact
Mariely Lopez-Santana George Mason University PhD Spain, Italy, European Union Social Democracy, Welfare States, social policy, comparative politics, devolution Media Contact
Janica Magat Texas A&M University PhD Candidate Philippines development, political economy, impact evaluation, policy, conflict Media Contact
Kimberley Manning Concordia University PhD Chinese politics, women's activism, gender politics, transgender issues Media Contact
Elsa Massoc UC Berkeley PhD Candidate France, Germany, the UK, Western Europe Comparative Political Economy, Financial regulation, Banking, Western Europe, Comparative capitalism, institutions, Euro-crisis. Media Contact
Clare McGovern Quest University PhD UK, Canada UK, Canada, separatist parties, Scottish National Party, Bloc Quebecois, Irish Nationalists, Parliament, political parties, law and politics No Media Contact
Kristin McKie St. Lawrence University PhD Uganda, Zambia Presidential term limits, Sub-Saharan Africa, Democratization, Rule of Law, Constitutional Reform, Foreign Aid Media Contact
Kathleen McNamara Georgetown University PhD European Union European union, central banks, exchange rates, currency, political development, financial crises, European foreign policy, Media Contact
Carol Mershon University of Virginia PhD No Media Contact
Catherine Moore University of Baltimore School of Law PhD Candidate human rights, guantanamo, torture, law of armed conflict, national security, privacy, Internet, free speech Media Contact
Erika Moreno Creighton University PhD Media Contact
Gjylbehare Bella Murati Ghent/Belgium PhD Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia and Hecegovina Human rights, rule of law, state-building, democratization, transitional justice. Media Contact
Rainbow Murray Queen Mary University of London PhD No Media Contact
Monika Nalepa The University of Chicago PhD Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia. Transitional Justice, Political Organizations and Parties, Legislatures, Comparative Political Institutions, Lustration. Media Contact
Elena Nikolova Institute for East and Southeast European Studies - Regensburg; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Central European Labor Studies Institute PhD Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, post-communist region political economy, comparative political institutions, democracy and democratization, politics of transition region, corruption, public policy Media Contact
Tova Norlen Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) PhD Media Contact
Kelsey Norman University of California, Irvine PhD Candidate Egypt, Morocco, Turkey refugees, global migration crisis, Middle East and North Africa, South-South migration Media Contact
Pippa Norris Harvard and Sydney Universities PhD Global Comparative politics, democracy and democratization, public opinion and political behavior, elections and voting behavior, gender politics, political communications Media Contact
Malliga Och Idaho State University PhD Germany women and politics, gender and conservative parties, German politics, Cites for CEDAW, Human Rights Cities, gender and diversity in national parliaments Media Contact
June Park National University of Singapore PhD Media Contact
Ausra Park Siena College PhD Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus Political leadership, foreign policy, migration, human trafficking, female executives, political economy Media Contact
Eleonora Pasotti University of California, Santa Cruz PhD urban social movements, gentrification, urban redevelopment, protest, branding Media Contact
Jessica Piombo Naval Post-Graduate School PhD South Africa South Africa, elections, democratization, peacebuilding, conflict mediation, transitional governance, postconflict governance, statebuilding, foreign assistance, development assistance, Burundi, Uganda, U.S. military, U.S. foreign policy in Africa, African security, African peacekeeping Media Contact
Kira Pronin University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Sweden, Norway, Finland Scandinavian politics, policy making, legislative politics, interest groups, legislative deliberation Media Contact
Leesa Rasp University of Missouri - St. Louis PhD Candidate Chile Chile, U.S. presidents, presidency, social mobilization, student movement, student protests, political institutions, comparative politics, the Chilean Winter, Chile 2012 protests, Chilean Penguin Revolution Media Contact
Rebecca Richards Keele University PhD Somaliland Statebuilding, state failure, development, peace, security, state, unrecognised state, Somalia, Somaliland Media Contact
Stephanie Rickard London School of Economics PhD political, economy, IPE, international trade, WTO, IMF, international finance, subsidies, procurement, trade disputes, elections, electoral institutions, economic geography Media Contact
Dovile Rimkute LMU Munich PhD Candidate the EU Risk regulation, EU regulatory agencies, agency governance, food safety regulation, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), regulatory governance, science and risk assessments, legitimacy and reputation of EU regulators. Media Contact
Melissa Rogers Claremont Graduate University PhD Argentina Political Economy, Redistribution, Regional Inequality, Inequality, Spatial Inequality, Taxation, Government Spending, Research Design, Federalism, Public Choice, Political Institutions, Representation and Electoral Systems Media Contact
Saskia P. Ruth University of Zurich PhD Clientelism, populism, representation, democratization, participation, direct democracy, Latin American politics Media Contact
Caress Schenk Nazarbayev University PhD Russia, Kazakhstan Media Contact
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey London School of Economics PhD Deliberations, monetary policy, select committees, accountability, political economy No Media Contact
Leslie Schwindt-Bayer Rice University PhD Latin America Media Contact
Sarah Shair-Rosenfield Arizona State University PhD No Media Contact
Shiran Shen Stanford University PhD Candidate China environmental politics, air pollution, climate change, remote sensing, machine learning, public policy, China No Media Contact
Jacqueline Sievert Bowling Green State University PhD Middle East and North Africa Comparative Courts, Formal Theory, Authoritarian Institutions, Bargaining, Civil War, Judicial Politics, Repression Media Contact
Gisela Sin University of Illinois PhD USA, Latin America Media Contact
Maria Snegovaya Columbia University PhD Candidate Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine) Russia, Ukraiine, radical right, comparative politics, autocracies, foreign policy Media Contact
Zeynep Somer-Topcu University of Texas at Austin PhD Europe European politics, political parties, party leadership, elections, public opinion, representation Media Contact
Cecilia Emma Sottilotta LUISS University, Rome PhD Italy political risk, southern europe Media Contact
Carole Spary University of Nottingham PhD India Gender, feminism, representation, democracy, parliament, development, politics, policy, empowerment, equality, inequality, federalism. Media Contact
Abbey Steele University of Amsterdam PhD Colombia civil war, refugees, state-building, counter-insurgency, research design Media Contact
Laura Stephenson University of Western Ontario (Western University) PhD Canada, North America, advanced industrial democracies political behaviour, institutions, electoral systems, Canadian politics, party cues, voting Media Contact
Alissandra Stoyan Kansas State University PhD Latin America Democracy, Executive-Legislative Relations, Constitutional Reform, Presidents, Latin America, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela Media Contact
Sherrill Stroschein University College London PhD Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Eastern Europe generally Ethnicity, nationalism, democracy, divided societies, ethnic conflict, ethnic parties, ethnic fragmentation, federalism, ethnic mobilization No Media Contact
Jane Lawrence Sumner University of Minnesota-Twin Cities PhD multinational corporations, foreign direct investment, MNCs, FDI, political economy No Media Contact
Mariela Szwarcberg Reed College PhD Argentina clientelism, Peronism, Latin America, distributive politics, poverty, gender, inequality Media Contact, No Media Contact
Netina Tan McMaster University PhD East and Southeast Asia No Media Contact
Gabriela Tarouco Universidade Federal de Pernambuco PhD Latin America electoral governance, political parties, party systems, party regulation, electoral competition, elections No Media Contact
Jessica Teets Middlebury College PhD China Civil Society, NGOs, Chinese Politics Media Contact
Anjali Thomas Bohlken University of British Columbia PhD India No Media Contact
Aili Mari Tripp University of Wisconsin PhD women and politics, women's movements, global feminism, transnational feminism, African politics, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, East Africa, Liberia Media Contact
Robin Turner Butler University PhD South Africa Comparative politics, African Politics, state-society relations, political economy, rural politics, South Africa, politics of tradition, tourism, property rights, gender, representation, tourism studies, environmental justice No Media Contact
Marie van den Bosch Princeton University PhD Candidate Saudi Arabia, Libya, Persian Gulf countries, Belgium Rentier States, resource-curse, oil-rich countries, economic diversification policies, (formal and informal) power-sharing institutions, autocratic survival strategies Media Contact
Cheryl Van Den Handel Northeaatern State University PhD No Media Contact
Julie VanDusky-Allen Boise State University PhD No Media Contact
Mayra Velez-Serrano University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras PhD Latin America, Puerto Rico, China's Foreign Policy Comparative Institutions, International Institutions, Regionalization and Regional Integration, Latin America Politics, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican politics and economics International Political Economy, Media Contact
Sofia Vera Rojas University of Pittsburgh PhD Candidate Media Contact
Denise Walsh University of Virginia PhD South Africa, Chile, Poland, Canada, France Women's rights in the global South, democratization, identity politics, quotas, feminism and feminist theory, multiculturalism, customary law, polygamy, South African politics, women's movements and non-governmental organizations, indigenous politics in Canada, Muslim women in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, diversity and discrimination in political science and the academy, gender-based violence Media Contact
Georgina Waylen University of Manchester PhD Gender, democratization, politics, institutions, feminist institutionalism Media Contact
Bozena Welborne Smith College PhD Media Contact
S. Laurel Weldon Purdue PhD No Media Contact
Sarah Whitmore Oxford Brookes University PhD Ukraine Ukraine, parliament, elections, parties No Media Contact
Jenifer Whitten-Woodring University of Massachusetts Lowell PhD media freedom, human rights, internet, censorship, journalism, democratization, repression and dissent Media Contact
Leah Windsor The University of Memphis PhD text-as-data, authoritarian regimes, governance, language, extremism, gender, dictatorships, populism Media Contact
Kelebogile Zvobgo University of Southern California PhD Candidate Human rights Transitional justice Development Quasi-judicial bodies International courts No Media Contact