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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Carla Abdo University of Maryland PhD Candidate Media Contact
Rebecca Abers University of Brasília PhD No Media Contact
Ellen Ahlness University of Washington PhD Candidate Norway, Sweden, Denmark Arctic security, Arctic environmentalism, Norms, Constructivism, Scandinavia, Indigenous Studies, Sami, transparency, compliance, human rights, welfare state, Arctic Council, regional governance Media Contact
Isabella Alcaniz University of Maryland PhD Argentina, Brazil Media Contact
Jen Iris Allan University of British Columbia PhD Global, Canada climate change, chemicals and wastes, forests, plastics, NGOs, environment, environmental treaties Media Contact
Sarah Anderson University of California Santa Barbara PhD US environmental politics, wildfire, political parties, Congress, public participation Media Contact
Manoela Assayag Getulio Vargas Foundation (Rio de Janeiro) PhD Candidate Brazil Media Contact
Laura Bakkensen University of Arizona PhD No Media Contact
Elizabeth Baldwin University of Arizona PhD Energy policy, environmental governance, public participation Media Contact
Jennifer Bansard University of Potsdam PhD Candidate Environmental governance, climate change, marine and coastal biodiversity, international relations Media Contact
Stefanie Becker University of Potsdam PhD Candidate Germany Transition, Governance, grassroots organizations, civic participation Media Contact
Heike Boehler Technische Universität Darmstadt PhD Candidate Germany climate policy, energy policy, renewable energy, interest groups, housing policy, comparative politics, public policy, multilevel governance, research methods, European Union, Germany, local climate policy, national climate policy, international climate policy Media Contact
Jennifer Brass Indiana University PhD Djibouti, Kenya NGOs, non-governmental organizations, international development, Africa, governance, service provision, pubic goods, renewable energy, distributed generation, solar, mini-grid, electricity, electrification policy, policy implementation Media Contact
Eve Bratman American University PhD Brazil Belo Monte dam, hydroelectric energy, conservation, Amazon, sustainable development, honeybees, urban sustainability Media Contact
Claire Brunel American University PhD Environmental economics, international economics No Media Contact
Martina Angela Caretta West Virginia University PhD Geographer with research interests in agriculture in the global south, gender division of labor, feminist participatory methodologies, feminist epistemology, Eastern Africa dry lands, landscape, climate narratives, Venezuela, irrigation in the Andes, embodied knowledge, emotional geographies, fieldwork methodologies, neoliberal university. Media Contact
Juliet Carlisle University of Idaho PhD No Media Contact
Elizabeth Chalecki University of Nebraska - Omaha PhD environment, security, climate change, water resources, energy, foreign policy, international relations, international affairs, geoengineering, science in IR, sustainability Media Contact
Pamela Chasek Manhattan College PhD global environmental politics, land degradation and desertification, United Nations, multilateral environmental negotiations, multilateral environmental agreements, sustainable development, US foreign policy, international organizations Media Contact
Aadita Chaudhury York University PhD Candidate politics and science, science and society, public science, trauma, memory, science studies, science and technology studies, medical humanities, environmental humanities, forensic politics, science and the law, intellectual property in biotechnology, public understanding of science, science policy Media Contact
Mai'a Cross Northeastern University PhD European crises, security, diplomacy, transatlantic relations, Paris climate summit, COP21 Media Contact
Elizabeth De Santo Franklin & Marshall College PhD USA, Canada, UK, EU Marine Conservation; Marine Policy; Marine Protected Areas; Global Environmental Politics; Environmental Governance; Science/Policy Interface Media Contact
Iza Ding University of Pittsburgh PhD China Environmental politics, Environmental policy, Political economy of development, Chinese politics, Politics of Eastern Europe, Political memory Media Contact
Claire Dupont Vrije Universiteit Brussel PhD European Union EU climate and energy policy, environment and climate policy integration, decarbonisation, Energy Union, climate leadership, democratic governance Media Contact
Maria Veronica Elias Eastern Washington University PhD No Media Contact
Deborah Farias University of British Columbia PhD Brazil, BRICS Renewable energies, biofuels, Brazil, development assistance, South-South Cooperation, BRICS, emerging countries Media Contact
Heather Gall The Pennsylvania State University PhD hydrology, water quality, emerging contaminants Media Contact
Federica Genovese University of Essex PhD European Union Cooperation, international interdependence, climate change, European politics, crises Media Contact
Andrea Gerlak University of Arizona PhD water governance, transboundary waters, conflict and cooperation, development, collaborative governance, interdisciplinary research Media Contact
Charlotte Grech-Madin Uppsala University PhD Candidate Cooperation on Transboundary Water, Water Conflict, International Relations Theory, Norms in International Relations, International Security Media Contact
Jessica Green New York University PhD US, global Media Contact
Hahrie Han University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Media Contact
Laura Hatcher Southeast Missouri State University PhD United States constitutional law and politics, administrative law, environmental politics, emergency management, disasters, property rights Media Contact
Virginia Haufler University of Maryland College Park PhD global governance, international organization, non-state actors, transnational activism, anti-corporate campaigns, corporate social responsibility, socially responsible investment, environment, industry self-regulation, conflict minerals, natural resource governance, transparency, UN Global Compact, Business4Peace, Kimberley Process, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Dodd-Frank Section 1502 Media Contact
Erin Hennes Purdue University PhD Media Contact
Veronica Herrera University of Connecticut PhD Mexico infrastructure, cities, urban, pollution, water, environment, comparative politics, Latin America, field research, interviewing, qualitative methods Media Contact
Kathryn Hochstetler University of Waterloo PhD Brazil Energy and climate policy, Latin America, Brazil, Emerging powers, renewable energy Media Contact
Theresa Jedd University of Nebraska - Lincoln PhD drought, recreation, climate change, environmental policy, climate vulnerability Media Contact
Pamela Jordan Southern New Hampshire University PhD former Soviet Union Russian foreign policy, Russian espionage/intelligence, international human rights, climate change and political behavior Media Contact
Sara Kerosky University of California, San Diego PhD Candidate American political institutions, executive politics, presidential power, bureaucracy, federalism, state politics, environmental policy, endangered species Media Contact
Sarina Kilham University of Technology Sydney, Australia PhD Candidate Timor-Leste, Brazil biofuels, food sovereignty, critical agrarian studies, rural development, biodiesel, Bahia, Timor-Leste, Brazil, agricultural policy, autonomy, smallholder farmers, disability inclusive development, disaster risk reduction, disability inclusive disaster risk reduction Media Contact
Pia Kohler Williams College PhD environment, global environmental politics, chemicals, mercury, science-policy interface No Media Contact
Lydia Lawhon University of Colorado Boulder PhD Candidate US wildlife, endangered species, local policy, local knowledge Media Contact
Jiaqi Liang University of Illinois at Chicago PhD U.S., China Media Contact
Sarah Lieberman canterbury christ church university PhD UK, USA, France Europe, decision making, international political economy, science and society, space, policy, policy making, genetic modification, technology, international relations of space, Media Contact
Abby Lindsay American University PhD Candidate Peru Global environmental politics, water governance, multi-stakeholder negotiations, socio-ecological systems, social learning, science and technology studies, Peruvian environmental policy, and environment and trade. No Media Contact
Julie MacArthur University of Auckland PhD environmental politics, energy and climate policy, social economy, community energy, Canadian political economy; New Zealand energy policy No Media Contact
Lucile Maertens King's College London - SciencesPo Paris PhD International relations, international security, critical security studies, securitization, environment, environmental security, international organizations, multilateralism, United Nations, United Nations Environment programme, peacekeeping Media Contact
Kimberly Marion Suiseeya Purdue University PhD Media Contact
Elizabeth Markovits Mount Holyoke College PhD feminist theory, feminism, future, justice, intergenerational justice, ancient Greece, Plato, Socrates, Greek tragedy, democratic theory, mothers, carework, children, sincerity, authenticity, rhetoric Media Contact
Elizabeth Mendenhall Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate global commons, ocean, climate change, geopolitics, Earth systems science, nuclear weapons Media Contact
Melissa Merry University of Louisville PhD gun control, environmental policy, social media, Twitter, information technology, interest groups, framing, public policy No Media Contact
Kristy Michaud California State University, Northridge PhD U.S. Environmental politics and policy with a focus on climate change, energy, and sustainability policy Public opinion and political behavior Public administration and the policy process The scholarship of teaching and learning Media Contact
Sarah Milov University of Virginia PhD United States tobacco, lobbying, smoking, farm policy, food policy, history, political history, southern history Media Contact
Audra Mitchell Balsillie School of International Affairs, Wilfrid Laurier University PhD global ethics, security studies, geopolitics, environment, extinction, global political ecology, technology and disruptive technology, decolonisation, Indigenous research, space colonisation and security, political philosophy Media Contact
Cassandra Moseley University of Oregon PhD Natural resource policy, forest policy, wildfire, federal land management, governance, collaboration, resilience, political institutions, bioenergy, U.S. West, rural development. Media Contact
Samantha Mosier Missouri State University PhD United States policy process, food policy/sustainability food policy, environmental university-community partnerships, local environmental policy, policy process Media Contact
Megan Mullin Duke University PhD US Media Contact
Malori Musselman University of Oregon PhD Candidate USA religion and politics, environmental politics and religion, political theory, interpretive methods No Media Contact
Hanne Nielsen University of Tasmania PhD Candidate Antarctica Polar, Antarctic, representation, literature, advertising, cultural studies, geopolitics, Media Contact
Elizabeth Nyman Texas A&M University at Galveston PhD international maritime conflict, marine policy, law of the sea, ocean politics, maritime piracy, offshore energy, international conflict, international law, environmental politics Media Contact
Carah Ong Whaley University of Virgina PhD United States 2016 Election, nuclear weapons, non-governmental organizations, environmental politics Media Contact
Shannon Orr Bowling Green State University PhD climate change, national parks, Asian carp, stakeholders, NGOs Media Contact
Susan Park University of Sydney PhD Multilateral Development Banks, International Organizations, Accountability, Environmental Policies Media Contact
Alison Post University of California, Berkeley PhD Argentina urban politics, infrastructure, water and sanitation, mass transit, electricity, Latin America No Media Contact
Nicole Reiz University of Kansas PhD Candidate Media Contact
Sarah Romano University of Northern Colorado PhD Nicaragua Water governance, community-based resource management, social movements, collective action, Central America, Nicaragua. No Media Contact
Jennifer Schiff Western Carolina University PhD environmental policy, water scarcity, integrated water resources management, human right to water, international institutions, water governance, decentralization Media Contact
Shiran Shen Stanford University PhD Candidate China environmental politics, air pollution, climate change, remote sensing, machine learning, public policy, China No Media Contact
Patricia Stapleton Worcester Polytechnic Institute PhD European Union, France, United States agricultural biotechnology, genetic engineering, reproductive health, American public policy, European Union, risk regulation, risk assessment and management, environmental studies Media Contact
Hayley Stevenson Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires PhD global international environmental policy, climate change, UNFCCC Media Contact
Leah Stokes University of California Santa Barbara PhD Canada, USA climate change, environment, energy, mercury, public policy, interest groups, public opinion Media Contact
Vanessa Tyson Scripps College PhD USA 2016 Election, Legislative Politics, Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Gender and Politics, Public Policy, Environmental Justice Media Contact
Carla Washbourne University College London PhD Environmental science and policy, science advice, science communication, urban green space, earth sciences No Media Contact