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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Rebecca Adler-Nissen University of Copenhagen PhD Denmark, United Kingdom Diplomacy, European Union, International Relations, Social Media Media Contact
Ellen Ahlness University of Washington PhD Candidate Norway, Sweden, Denmark Arctic security, Arctic environmentalism, Norms, Constructivism, Scandinavia, Indigenous Studies, Sami, transparency, compliance, human rights, welfare state, Arctic Council, regional governance Media Contact
Aisha Ahmad University of Toronto PhD Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan Terrorism, Political Islam, Civil Wars, Transnational Crime, Informal Economies Media Contact
Susan Allen University of Mississippi PhD Economic sanctions, the United Nations Security Council, peacekeeping Media Contact
Mary Beth Altier New York University PhD Terrorism, radicalization, disengagement, political violence, political behavior, elections, voting, ethnic conflict, nationalism, civil conflict, international security, foreign policy. Media Contact
Gitty Amini University of La Verne PhD Media Contact
Stephenie Andal University of Sydney PhD Candidate China China cyber policies, digital politics, surveillance, Internet Governance, Hong Kong, sovereignty Media Contact
Sara Angevine Whittier College PhD Women and Politics, Congress, Women's Rights, Women's Foreign Policy, Identity Politics, LGBT politics, Gender politics, Representation, Global Women's Rights, US Foreign Policy, US Immigration Policy Media Contact
Naoko Aoki University of Maryland PhD Candidate North Korea, China, Japan international security, foreign policy decision making, nuclear nonproliferation, North Korea, Northeast Asia, domestic politics and international security cooperation Media Contact
Nelli Babayan Transatlantic Academy PhD Media Contact
Sarah Bauerle Danzmon Indiana University, Bloomington PhD Multinational Enterprise, International Trade and Investment Treaties, Investment Promotion, Financial Crises Media Contact
Lina Benabdallah University of Florida PhD Candidate China, Kenya, Ethiopia, International Relations, Chinese foreign policy, development-security nexus, foreign aid, cultural diplomacy, knowledge production and power. Media Contact
Nora Bensahel American University PhD military, defense, national security, defense policy, military operations, Army, alliances, international security, international relations Media Contact
Federiga Bindi Sais Johns Hopkins / Rome Tor Vergata PhD Italy, Portugal, France, Norway, US, European Union, Belgium European and American Foreign Policy, Transatlantic Relations, International Politics, EU Institutions and Governance, American Government, Comparative Politics, Government and Public Administration, Italian Politics, Contemporary History, Women Leadership, Gender Equality, International Education, Public Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, European Union Media Contact
Jessica Blankshain U.S. Naval War College PhD United States foreign policy, civil-military relations, bureaucratic politics Media Contact
Anne-Marie Brady University of Canterbury PhD China; Arctic and Antarctic geopolitics; New Zealand foreign policy China--domestic and foreign policy; Arctic and Antarctic geopolitics; New Zealand foreign policy Media Contact
Marijke Breuning University of North Texas PhD foreign policy, foreign aid, development, women and politics, international children's rights, intercountry adoption, women in academia Media Contact
Monika Brusenbauch Meislová Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic PhD United Kingdom, Czech Republic British politics, British European policy, Brexit, British foreign policy, Czech foreign policy, British-Czech bilateral relations Media Contact
Sarah Bush Temple University PhD international relations, democracy promotion, non-state actors in world politics, gender and human rights policy, Middle East politics Media Contact
Elizabeth Chalecki University of Nebraska - Omaha PhD environment, security, climate change, water resources, energy, foreign policy, international relations, international affairs, geoengineering, science in IR, sustainability Media Contact
Pamela Chasek Manhattan College PhD global environmental politics, land degradation and desertification, United Nations, multilateral environmental negotiations, multilateral environmental agreements, sustainable development, US foreign policy, international organizations Media Contact
Christine Cheng King's College London PhD UN, peacekeeping, statebuilding, war economy, West Africa, Liberia, corruption, transitional justice, Colombia. Media Contact
Erica Chenoweth University of Denver PhD political violence, terrorism, nonviolent resistance, protest, counterterrorism, democratization, foreign policy Media Contact
Alise Coen University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan PhD U.S.-Middle East Refugees; Responsibility to Protect (R2P); Middle East; U.S. Foreign Policy; Global Governance; Human Rights; Migration and Identity Media Contact
Bridget Coggins University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Somalia, Northeast Asia Secession, civil war, diplomatic recognition, rebel diplomacy, terrorism, maritime piracy, illicit trafficking, state failure Media Contact
Carrie Currier Texas Christian University PhD China Media Contact
Lauren Dickey King's College London PhD Candidate China, Taiwan Cross-Strait relations, Taiwan, Chinese defense and foreign policy, PLA Media Contact
Darcie Draudt Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate North Korea, South Korea Northeast Asia relations and security environment, Korean national identity, inter-Korean relations, U.S.-Korea alliance issues, South Korean domestic politics, South Korean social issues, North Korea, borders and borderlands, territorial disputes, migration, citizenship Media Contact
Marina Duque Harvard Kennedy School PhD international security, emerging powers, political networks No Media Contact
Oya Dursun-Ozkanca Elizabethtown College PhD Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro Transatlantic security, security sector reform, NATO, EU Foreign Policy, Turkish foreign policy No Media Contact
Barbara Elias Bowdoin College PhD Afghanistan, Iraq Counterinsurgency, Intervention, Local Allies and Major Powers, U.S. Foreign Policy Media Contact
Jennifer Erickson Boston College PhD conventional arms, small arms, arms trade, sanctions, arms embargoes, laws of war, defense technology, European Union foreign policy Media Contact
Deborah Farias University of British Columbia PhD Brazil, BRICS Renewable energies, biofuels, Brazil, development assistance, South-South Cooperation, BRICS, emerging countries Media Contact
Tanisha Fazal University of Minnesota PhD laws of war, military medicine, costs of war, trends in armed conflict, sovereignty Media Contact
Kathryn Fisher National Defense University PhD International Relations, security studies, insecurity, discourse, identity construction, international political sociology, critical security studies, relational/interpretive research methodologies, poststructural discourse analysis, boundaries, critical terrorism studies, counterterrorism, British counterterrorism law, pedagogy/andragogy, language, legitimacy. Media Contact
Page Fortna Columbia University PhD terrorism civil war peacekeeping cease-fire peace agreement Media Contact
Maryann Gallagher University of Georgia PhD Foreign Policy, Decision Making, Personality, Gender and Conflict No Media Contact
Catherine Gegout University of Nottingham PhD European Union, France, Italy Military intervention, foreign policy, European Union, Africa, realism, eurocentrism, International Criminal Court, trade, development Media Contact
Kristi Govella University of Hawaii at Manoa PhD Japan Japanese politics, Asian regionalism, political economy, multinational corporations, lobbying, the relationship between economics and security, regional institutional architecture Media Contact
Charlotte Grech-Madin Uppsala University PhD Candidate Cooperation on Transboundary Water, Water Conflict, International Relations Theory, Norms in International Relations, International Security Media Contact
Sheena Chestnut Greitens University of Missouri / Brookings Institution PhD China, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines East Asia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, security, authoritarian, democratization, dictatorship, repression Media Contact
Meg Guliford Tufts University PhD Candidate Military Intervention, Civilian Violence, Political Violence, Counterinsurgency Media Contact
Jo-Anne Hart Lesley University (Cambridge, MA); Brown University (Providence, RI) PhD Iran US-Iran, US-Iran politics, Iranian security politics, nuclear agreement, conflict resolution Iran, 2016 election, 2016 election learning activities, 2016 election youth engagement, 2016 election media literacy, youth vote, common ground, peacemaking, military conflict Media Contact
Lisel Hintz Johns Hopkins University - SAIS PhD Turkey, Turkey-Syria-ISIS, Turkey-EU, Kurdish region, refugee crisis, Middle East Turkey, identity politics, foreign policy, Kurdish politics, Syria, authoritarianism, protest dynamics, social movements, refugee crisis, Media Contact
Stephanie Hofmann Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies PhD EU, USA European politics, International security, international law and organization, peacekeeping, comparative regionalism Media Contact
Emily Holland Columbia University PhD Candidate Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania Energy Politics, Russia, Gas, Gazprom, Ukraine, Oligarchs, Corruption, Trade, Oil, Foreign Policy Media Contact
Valerie Hudson Texas A&M University PhD Global women, foreign policy, national security, abnormal sex ratios Media Contact
Jennifer Hunt University of Sydney PhD Oman, Saudi Arabia International Security, Energy Security, US National Security, US Foreign Policy in the Gulf, Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Oman Media Contact
Tana Johnson Duke University PhD United Nations, climate, energy, international organizations, trade, development, institutional design, bureaucracy, civil society, NGOs, public-private partnerships, foreign policy No Media Contact
Anita Kellogg University of California, Los Angeles PhD Candidate Venezuela economic interdependence, international trade, military conflict, international security, foreign policy, business interest groups, economic elites, petro-states, oil dependence Media Contact
Katherine Kidder Kansas State University PhD Candidate South Asia congressional-executive relations, presidential politics, defense, military, national security policy, foreign assistance policy Media Contact
Amy King Australian National University PhD China, Japan Chinese foreign and security policy, China-Japan relations, Asia-Pacific security, East China Sea, South China Sea, Cold War history in Asia, economic development and technology in China, nationalism Media Contact
Veronica Kitchen University of Waterloo PhD Canada security studies, gender, international relations, counter-terrorism Media Contact
Lisa Koch Arizona State University PhD Nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, foreign policy Media Contact
Autoosa Kojoori University of Nevada Las Vegas PhD Iran MENA MENA, Political Instability, Political Conflict, Terrorism, Inequality, Development, Social media and mobilization, Revolutions, Human Rights, Islam, Religion, factionalism Media Contact
Sarah Kreps Cornell University PhD US Media Contact
Julia Lau Georgetown University PhD Candidate War and memory, International relations, Southeast Asia, international law, Post-colonial war memory, Gender inequality, film and literature No Media Contact
Sheryn Lee Macquarie University, Sydney PhD Taiwan, Japan, China Strategic Studies, Military Technology, Arms Racing, Defense Innovation Media Contact
Brett Ashley Leeds Rice University PhD alliance, international relations, security, treaty, international cooperation Media Contact
Jennifer Lind Dartmouth College PhD Japan, Korea, China international security, US foreign policies, alliances, East Asia, Japan, China, Korea, reconciliation, Yasukuni, apologies, history problems, North Korea, nationalism Media Contact
Julia Macdonald George Washington University PhD Candidate IR Theory, Nuclear Politics, U.S. National Security Policy, Military Effectiveness Media Contact
Mary Anne Madeira Queens College, City University of New York PhD European Union, United States Media Contact
Aditi Malhotra University of Muenster, Germany PhD Candidate India, Pakistan India's Foreign and Security Policy (in South Asia and Asia-Pacific), Nuclear Dynamics in South Asia Media Contact
Carla Martinez Machain Kansas State University PhD foreign policy, military deployments, air power, international conflict, military policy, coercion Media Contact
Aila Matanock University of California, Berkeley PhD Media Contact
Jennifer Mathers Aberystwyth University PhD Russia Russian politics, Russian foreign and defence policy, women and war Media Contact
Eleonora Mattiacci Amherst College PhD nuclear reversal, nuclear disarmament, 2011 Libyan civil war Media Contact
Caitlin McCulloch University of Maryland PhD Candidate Georgia, China Media Contact
Rose McDermott Brown University PhD evolutionary psychology, biology, behavior genetics, divorce, international relations, prospect theory, political psychology, experimental methods, sex and gender Media Contact
Lauren McKee Berea College PhD International Relations, East Asian politics, energy security and environmental politics (especially concerning nuclear energy) Media Contact
Elena McLean University at Buffalo, SUNY PhD International institutions, economic sanctions, foreign aid, World Bank, environmental politics Media Contact
Roseanne McManus Baruch College, City University of New Yrok PhD international security, national security, US foreign policy, resolve, signaling Media Contact
Rupal Mehta University of Nebraska-Lincoln PhD International security, nuclear weapons, deterrence, US foreign policy, research design, formal theory, quantitative methods Media Contact
Marion Messmer King's College, London PhD Candidate Russia, Germany No Media Contact
Manjari Chatterjee Miller Boston University PhD India, China security, India, China, foreign policy No Media Contact
Sara Mitchell University of Iowa PhD Conflict, war, international organizations, international courts, time series analysis, maritime, river, territory Media Contact
Kayce Mobley Pittsburg State University PhD United States International relations, conflict, security studies, foreign policy, American foreign policy, foreign policy decision making, grand strategy Media Contact
Pupak Mohebali University of York PhD Candidate Iran, U.S. International relations, security studies, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, Foreign Policy Analysis, Middle East studies Media Contact
Sara Moller School of Diplomacy and IR, Seton Hall University PhD Candidate Media Contact
Michelle Murray Bard College PhD Media Contact
Costanza Musu University of Ottawa PhD European Union, Canada, Israel European Union Foreign Policy, Middle East politics, Arab Israeli conflict, Western policy towards the Middle East, antiquities looting, terrorism financing Media Contact
Amy Nelson Council on Foreign Relations PhD foreign policy, nuclear weapons, political psychology, export controls, defense trade, conventional weapons, arms control negotiations, disarmament and non-proliferation, decision-making Media Contact
Paula Newberg University of Texas at Austin PhD Pakistan, south Asia, central Asia, crisis and transition states, conflict Pakistan, South Asia, Central Asia, Crisis and transition states, Governance, Governance and climate change, Media Contact
KIMBERLY NOLAN GARCIA Centro de Investigación y Docencia Economicas (CIDE), Mexico City PhD MEXICO NAFTA, north american integration,International Labor rights protection,US trade policy, transational politics Media Contact
Tova Norlen Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) PhD Media Contact
Sibel Oktay University of Illinois at Springfield PhD Turkey Coalition politics, foreign policy, Turkey, Middle East, Europe, EU public opinion, leadership Media Contact
Ausra Park Siena College PhD Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus Political leadership, foreign policy, migration, human trafficking, female executives, political economy Media Contact
Katharine Petrich Northeastern University PhD Candidate Terrorism, Transnational Crime, South Asia, Latin America, Africa Media Contact
Dianne Pfundstein Chamberlain Columbia University PhD International Security, War, Coercion, International Relations Theory, Deterrence, Compellence, American Foreign Policy, American Security Policy Media Contact
Kathleen Powers Dartmouth College, University of Georgia (starting fall 2016) PhD international relations, political psychology, nationalism, social identity, foreign policy attitudes, moral values, experiments Media Contact
Anna Powles Massey University PhD Pacific Islands, Oceania, New Zealand, Timor-Leste, Fiji, Southeast Asia Regional security, geopolitics, security sector reform, United Nations peacekeeping, stabilization missions, women peace and security, UNSCR 1325, private military and security companies Media Contact
Kanica Rakhra Jawaharlal Nehru University PhD Candidate India, Iran, South Asia, Middle East Emotions, Prestige, Norms, Political Psychology, Social Identity, Nuclear Politics, Nuclear Disarmament, South Asia, Middle East Media Contact
Ayesha Ray King's College, Pennsylvania PhD India, Pakistan Civil-Military Relations, Security, Conflict, Terrorism, South Asia Media Contact
Jacqueline Reich Chestnut Hill College PhD arms control, nuclear nonproliferation, science and international public policy, government legitimacy in China, climate change debate, global education, democratization, U.S. foreign policy, realism, balance of power, international organizations, terrorism, international relations theory, U.S. primacy Media Contact
Hilde Restad Bjorknes University College PhD United States American exceptionalism, U.S. Foreign Policy, unilateralism, multilateralism, internationalism, isolationism. Media Contact
Marieke Riethof University of Liverpool PhD Brazil Latin America, Brazil, Chile, foreign policy, international relations, environmental policy, human rights, democracy, solidarity campaigns. Media Contact
Heather Roff University of Oxford and Arizona State University PhD USA autonomous weapons, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, emerging technology, international law, human rights, just war theory Media Contact
Maria Rost Rublee Monash University PhD Japan, North Korea, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Brazil, Australia, United States, Mongolia, India nuclear weapons, nuclear proliferation, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, social psychology, norms, constructivism, maritime security Media Contact
Jill Rough George Mason University PhD USA women in military, women in combat, military motherhood, active reserve integration, Abrams Doctrine, National Guard, Reserve military, intelligence and policy, civil military affairs Media Contact
Layla Saleh Qatar University PhD Syria, US Syria, Arab Spring, US Foreign Policy Media Contact
Rachel Salzman Georgetown University PhD Russia Russia, BRICS, US-Russian relations, international economics. political rhetoric No Media Contact
Belgin San-Akca Koc University PhD Media Contact
Jayita Sarkar Boston University PhD India, Pakistan, United States, France U.S. foreign policy, nuclear proliferation, export controls, the global Cold War, South Asia and Western Europe. Media Contact
Leah Sarson Dartmouth College/University of Toronto PhD Canadian foreign policy, Indigenous peoples, Arctic, diplomacy, governance, International Relations, gender, feminist International Relations, resource extraction Media Contact
Elizabeth Saunders George Washington University; Council on Foreign Relations PhD US Foreign policy and elections, presidents, presidential advisers, military intervention, foreign policy decision-making, international security, war Media Contact
Kaija Schilde Boston University PhD European Union European Union, European security, EU foreign policy, political economy of security, EU internal and border security, EU immigration and asylum policy, EU border security, defense industry, defense spending, defense acquisition and technology, transnational interest groups, transnational private authority, bureaucracy, EU lobbying, defense and security interest groups, EU public opinion, European identity, European refugee crisis, Schengen, FRONTEX, European Defence Agency, state capacity, international organization capacity, governing capacity, EU information security, EU security clearance, EU information classification. Media Contact
Christine Sixta Rinehart University of South Carolina PhD Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Columbia, Mexico International Terrorism Counterterrorism and Security Female Terrorism United States' Foreign Policy Media Contact
Karen E. Smith London School of Economics and Political Science PhD international relations of the EU; human rights; genocide; foreign policy Media Contact
Beth Smits Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) PhD Candidate geoeconomics, financial statecraft, financial services, cross-border financial integration, fintech, payment systems, China, EU-China, Belt and Road Initiative, SWIFT, financial sanctions, renminbi internationalization Media Contact
Maria Snegovaya Columbia University PhD Candidate Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine) Russia, Ukraiine, radical right, comparative politics, autocracies, foreign policy Media Contact
Jennifer Spindel George Washington University PhD Candidate international security, arms, deterrence, foreign policy Media Contact
Victoria Stewart-Jolley University of Cambridge PhD Candidate Iraq, Afghanistan Political Science, Democratisation, International Law, International Relations, United Nations, Electoral structures, Middle East, Iraq, Regime Change, Afghanistan Media Contact
Caitlin Talmadge The George Washington University PhD military operations and strategy, military effectiveness, civil-military relations, U.S. defense policy, Persian Gulf security, energy security, nuclear strategy, nuclear weapons, Iran, China, authoritarian politics, Middle East, defense, security, international security, national security Media Contact
Sarina Theys Newcastle University PhD Candidate Bhutan, Qatar International Relations, Foreign Policy, (Soft) Power, Strategic Narratives, Identity, Small States, Bhutan, Qatar, Gulf Arab States Media Contact
Kristen Traynor Kent State University PhD Candidate Political Communication, Guantanamo Bay, Media Framing Media Contact
Linnea Turco The Ohio State University PhD Candidate International Relations theory, social theory, ethics of international politics, security studies, moral discourse in international politics, international theory No Media Contact
Heidi Tworek University of British Columbia PhD Germany, Europe, Canada, USA international organizations, communications, media, Germany, Canada, German-Canadian relations, Europe, United Nations, Google, intellectual property rights, copyright, international history, twentieth-century history, League of Nations, political communications Media Contact
Felicity Vabulas University of Chicago PhD International Relations, International Organizations, Institutional Design, International Political Economy, International Law, US Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Lobbying, Democratization, Global Governance, NGOs, Research Design Media Contact
Julie VanDusky-Allen Boise State University PhD No Media Contact
Jane Vaynman George Washington University PhD Russia arms control, security institutions, nuclear weapons Media Contact
Mayra Velez-Serrano University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras PhD Latin America, Puerto Rico, China's Foreign Policy Comparative Institutions, International Institutions, Regionalization and Regional Integration, Latin America Politics, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican politics and economics International Political Economy, Media Contact
Sanne Cornelia Verschuren Brown University PhD Candidate Military Innovation and Use of Weapons; Armament and Disarmament, Global Arms Trade; Laws of War Media Contact
Leslie Vinjamuri SOAS, University of London & Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs PhD US/UK, US/Europe, US/Europe/Syria, US/Europe/Libya Transatlantic Relations, US Foreign Policy, International Security, Mass Atrocities, Intervention, International Justice, Humanitarianism, International Criminal Court Media Contact
Ellen Wald Jacksonville University PhD Saudi Arabia, Iran, United States Saudi Arabia, Iran, OPEC, Oil Prices, Oil Markets, Solar Power, Wind Power, Keystone XL Pipeline, Offshore Drilling, Middle East, Pipelines, Energy Policy Media Contact
Nancy J. Walker Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University PhD Civil Military Relations; Security Sector Governance; Women and Leadership; National Security Decision Making; Peace Support Operations; United Nations; Inter Agency Coopertion Media Contact
Jeni Whalan University of Queensland PhD Syria, Bosnia, Cambodia, Australia, PNG, Solomon Islands peace negotiations, peacekeeping, conflict, united nations, australian foreign policy Media Contact
Rachel Elizabeth Whitlark Harvard University, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs PhD Nuclear proliferation, preventive war, leaders, beliefs, military intervention No Media Contact
Annick T.R. Wibben University of San Francisco PhD Media Contact
Sherifa Zuhur University of California, Berkeley PhD Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen Government/policy in Arab states U.S. Middle East foreign policy U.S. defense policy in the Middle East Counterterrorism in the Middle East Political development in the Middle East Media Contact