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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Rachel Bitecofer Christopher Newport University PhD U.S. Campaigns & Elections, Campaign Strategy, Political Behavior, Voting Behavior, Ideology, Political Polarization Media Contact
Alexandra Filindra University of Illinois at Chicago PhD United States, Greece immigration, citizenship, gun control, state policy, public policy, racial prejudice Media Contact
Kristin Goss Duke University PhD USA NGOs, Nonprofits, Gender and Politics, Philanthropy, Political Participation, Gun Politics, Public Policy, Interest Groups Media Contact
Amanda Hollis-Brusky Pomona College PhD United States Supreme Court, gun control, federalism, separation of powers, executive power, unitary executive theory, conservative legal movement, Originalism, constitutional law, reproductive rights, affirmative action, war powers, 2016 Election, campaign finance, conservative Christian legal movement, legal education, legal profession, the Federalist Society Media Contact
Melissa Merry University of Louisville PhD gun control, environmental policy, social media, Twitter, information technology, interest groups, framing, public policy No Media Contact