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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Lamis Abdelaaty Syracuse University PhD Global, Turkey, Egypt, Kenya refugees, asylum, migration, human rights, humanitarianism, international relations Media Contact
Brooke Ackerly Vanderbilt University PhD Global, Bangladesh Bangladesh, climate change, climate justice, labor rights, garment workers, worker safety, worker rights Media Contact
Amanda Ajodhia-Andrews OISE/University of Toronto PhD Canada, Cambodia, Guyana Inclusive Education, Disability Studies, Childhood Studies, Qualitative Research, Critical Theories of Diversity Media Contact
Kristin M. Bakke University College London PhD Russia, Eurasian de facto states (Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transdniestria), some work on India, Canada (Quebec), Northern Ireland, and Guatemala Political violence, civil war, self-determination conflicts, post-conflict societies, de facto states, foreign fighters, civil society Media Contact
Lauren Balasco Pittsburg State University PhD Transitional justice, international law, human rights, Latin American politics, development, citizen insecurity Media Contact
Lisa Baldez Dartmouth College PhD gender and politics, Latin America, Cuba, United States, human rights, United Nations, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) No Media Contact
Angelica Bernal University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Ecuador Latin America, Political Theory, Indigenous Rights, Indigenous Social Movements, Constitution-Making, Extractivism, Popular Power, Populism, Revolutions Media Contact
Marie Berry Josef Korbel School, University of Denver PhD Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina war, political violence, gender, women, politics, genocide, Rwanda, Bosnia Media Contact
Franziska Boehme Syracuse University PhD Global, Sub-Saharan Africa International Criminal Court, transitional justice, human rights No Media Contact
Rachel Bowen The Ohio State University PhD Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica Courts, Policing, Violence Against Women, Gender Based Violence, Rule of Law, Public Security, Central America Media Contact
Ana Bracic University of Oklahoma PhD human rights, discrimination, NGOs, Roma, field experiments Media Contact
Megan Bradley McGill University PhD Refugees, humanitarianism, human rights, transitional justice Media Contact
Jessica Maves Braithwaite University of Arizona PhD civil war, nonviolent resistance, repression, democratization, coups, conflict diffusion Media Contact
Shawna Brandle City University of New York- Kingsborough Community College PhD Political Communication, Human Rights, US, UK, Refugees, International Organizations, International Law Media Contact
Alison Brysk UCSB PhD Media Contact
Courtney Burns Georgia Southern University PhD female chief executives, interstate conflict, gender and politics, human rights, women in parliament Media Contact
Sabine Carey University of Mannheim PhD repression, civil war, armed conflict, protest, militias Media Contact
Nusta Carranza Ko Ohio Northern University PhD Peru, South Korea, North Korea Human Rights, Transitional Justice, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, Peru, South Korea, Uruguay Media Contact
Louise Chappell University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia PhD Australia Comparative Gender and Politics, including in Australia; International Criminal Court; New Institutionalism; Australian Federalism and Public Policy Media Contact
Amanda Chisholm Newcastle University PhD private military and security companies, security studies, international political economy, feminism, labour chains, migration, household, military, militarism, masculinities, postcolonialism Media Contact
Olga Chyzh Iowa State University PhD International networks; indirect trade; repression; human rights; authoritarian regimes No Media Contact
Alise Coen University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan PhD U.S.-Middle East Refugees; Responsibility to Protect (R2P); Middle East; U.S. Foreign Policy; Global Governance; Human Rights; Migration and Identity Media Contact
Courtenay Conrad University of California, Merced PhD Human rights, state repression, international organizations, torture Media Contact
Rebecca Cordell Arizona State University PhD international conflict and cooperation, international security, political violence, state repression, human rights, secrecy No Media Contact
Kerry Crawford James Madison University PhD Human security, transnational advocacy networks, conflict-related sexual violence, Women Peace and Security (WPS), ethics and international politics, peacekeeping, gender and war, United Nations No Media Contact
Nicole De Silva University of Oxford PhD international organizations, international courts, NGOs, human rights, international criminal justice, International Criminal Court Media Contact
Jacqueline DeMeritt University of North Texas PhD Media Contact
Suzanne Dovi University of Arizon PhD Representation of women and historically disadvantaged groups, ICC, democracy, American Political Thought, Media Contact
Kristine Eck Uppsala University PhD civil war, human rights, state repression, violence against civilians, rebel recruitment Media Contact
Kat Eghdamian UCL (University College London) PhD Candidate Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon Refugees, religion, forced migration, minority rights, identity politics, humanitarianism, displacement Media Contact
Jennifer Erickson Boston College PhD conventional arms, small arms, arms trade, sanctions, arms embargoes, laws of war, defense technology, European Union foreign policy Media Contact
Pamina Firchow George Mason University PhD Colombia, Uganda conflict, peace, peacebuilding, security, transitional justice, Africa, Latin America Media Contact
Kirsten Fisher University of Ottawa PhD Media Contact
Valerie Freeland Simon Fraser University PhD Peripheral state strategies, political patronage, human rights, transitional justice, socialization, international relations theory Media Contact
Diana Fu University of Toronto PhD China, civil society, labor politics, feminist movement, protest, contention, Media Contact
Emily Kalah Gade University of Washington PhD Candidate Political Violence, Conflict, Non-violent Resistance, Civilians in Conflict, Terrorism, Civil War, Insurgency, Peacekeeping, Noncombatant immunity, Text as Data Media Contact
Carol Jean Gallo Cambridge University PhD Candidate Democratic Republic of the Congo DDR; peacebuilding; postcolonialism; feminism; ethnography No Media Contact
Jacqueline Gehring University of California, Santa Cruz PhD Germany, France, Belgium racism, European Union, immigration, law, rights, Roma, Islam, Germany, France, sports, citizenship, nationalism, Media Contact
Katharine Gelber University of Queensland PhD Australia Free speech, hate speech, speech regulation, human rights, Australian politics Media Contact
Marlies Glasius University of Amsterdam PhD Global Civil Society, Authoritarianism, International Criminal Justice, Human Security Media Contact
Anita Gohdes Harvard University PhD Human rights, political violence, civil war, data analysis, New media and conflict No Media Contact
Ayten Gundogdu Barnard College-Columbia University PhD human rights, migration, refugees, Hannah Arendt No Media Contact
Loubna H. Skalli University of California Washington Center PhD Gender, Youth, Empowerment, Media, Middle East and North Africa Media Contact
Heidi Haddad Pomona College PhD Media Contact
Susan Harris Rimmer Griffith University PhD Australia, Timor Leste, Myanmar, Afghanistan Gender in transitions, women's rights under international law, post-conflict justice, forced migration, global governance, G20 Media Contact
Shareen Hertel University of Connecticut PhD Human rights, economic development, social movements Media Contact
Courtney Hillebrecht University of Nebraska-Lincoln PhD Human rights, international law, international courts Media Contact
Laura Huber Emory University PhD Candidate Liberia Conflict, Political Violence, Security Sector Reform, Gender, Women's Rights, Policy Diffusion Media Contact
Susan Hunt Monash University PhD Candidate Australia child protection, out of home care, child abuse, development, ageing, mental health, physical health, public health Media Contact
Alexandria Innes University of East Anglia PhD Europe, Southern Europe, Mediterranean migration migration, asylum seekers, refugees, critical security studies, feminist security studies, ethnographic methods Media Contact
Pamela Jordan Southern New Hampshire University PhD former Soviet Union Russian foreign policy, Russian espionage/intelligence, international human rights, climate change and political behavior Media Contact
Betcy Jose University of Colorado Denver PhD Syria, Russia global norms, humanitarian intervention, civilian immunity norm, targeted killing, human rights, civilians in war, armed conflict, international humanitarian law, protection of civilians Media Contact
Sabrina Karim Cornell University PhD Liberia, Peru, Bangladesh Conflict, Political Violence, Peacekeeping, Security Sector Reform, Gender, Policing, International Security, International Politics, United Nations, African Politics Media Contact
Judith Kelley Duke University PhD International relations, international organizations, international politics, human rights, global performance indicators, global monitoring and assessments, ratings and rankings, international election observation, international law, human trafficking, NGOs Media Contact
Catherine Lena Kelly American Council of Learned Societies Public Fellow PhD Senegal Political party systems, Democratization, Islam and politics, Rule of law, Democracy and governance program evaluation Media Contact
Sarina Kilham University of Technology Sydney, Australia PhD Candidate Timor-Leste, Brazil biofuels, food sovereignty, critical agrarian studies, rural development, biodiesel, Bahia, Timor-Leste, Brazil, agricultural policy, autonomy, smallholder farmers, disability inclusive development, disaster risk reduction, disability inclusive disaster risk reduction Media Contact
Robin Kirk Duke PhD United States, Peru, Colombia, Chile, human rights, human rights education, refugees Media Contact
Kathleen Klaus Northwestern University PhD Kenya, Ghana Political Violence, electoral violence, African elections, land rights, post-conflict politics, internal migration, identity politics Media Contact
Jonneke Koomen Willamette University PhD Media Contact
Stacy J. Kosko University of Maryland PhD development ethics, human rights, capability approach, multiculturalism, minority rights, group rights, agency, recognition, international development, indigenous peoples, Roma Media Contact
Roxanne Krystalli The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy PhD Candidate Colombia, Greece Gender-based violence in war, transitions from conflict to peace, transitional justice, gender and politics, Colombia, victims, reparations, enforced disappearance, sexual violence Media Contact
Milli Lake Arizona State University PhD East/Central Africa Rule of law, state building, gender, NGOs, civil conflict, political violence, human rights No Media Contact
Margaret Levi Stanford University PhD trust in government, future of work and workers, supply chains Media Contact
Erin Little University of Alabama PhD Candidate Media Contact
Jinee Lokaneeta Drew University PhD India, United States Torture, Law and Violence, human rights, liberal democratic states, state violence, Interrogations, Policing, state theory, Law and Science. Media Contact
Cyanne E Loyle Indiana University PhD Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Uganda, Nepal, Turkey Human Rights, Armed Conflict, Transitional Justice, International Law, Civil War Media Contact
Jacqueline McAllister Kenyon College PhD Media Contact
Lauren McCarthy University of Massachusetts Amherst PhD Russia Human trafficking, Russia, Post-Soviet politics, police, law enforcement Media Contact
Briana McGinnis McGill University PhD USA Political theory, exclusion, exile, banishment, citizenship, punishment, mass incarceration, collateral consequences, criminalization, democratic theory, law and society Media Contact
Verónica Michel John Jay College-CUNY PhD Chile, Guatemala, and Mexico. human rights, victims' rights, private prosecution, legal mobilization, cause lawyering, criminal justice reform, norm diffusion, transitional justice, prosecutorial accountability, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Latin America. Media Contact
Celeste Montoya University of Colorado Boulder PhD United States and European Union gender politics, race politics, intersectionality, gendered violence, gender policy, voting rights, immigrant rights, Occupy movement, human rights Media Contact
Catherine Moore University of Baltimore School of Law PhD Candidate human rights, guantanamo, torture, law of armed conflict, national security, privacy, Internet, free speech Media Contact
Layna Mosley University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD sovereign debt, labor rights, human rights and trade, trade agreements, multinational corporations, foreign direct investment Media Contact
Gjylbehare Bella Murati Ghent/Belgium PhD Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia and Bosnia and Hecegovina Human rights, rule of law, state-building, democratization, transitional justice. Media Contact
Paula Newberg University of Texas at Austin PhD Pakistan, south Asia, central Asia, crisis and transition states, conflict Pakistan, South Asia, Central Asia, Crisis and transition states, Governance, Governance and climate change, Media Contact
Geraldine O'Mahony Central Washington University PhD Liberia African Politics, Conflict Processes & War, Development, Human Rights, NGOs, Peacekeeping, Political Violence, Refugees, Religion & Politics Media Contact
Malliga Och Idaho State University PhD Germany women and politics, gender and conservative parties, German politics, Cites for CEDAW, Human Rights Cities, gender and diversity in national parliaments Media Contact
Tricia Olsen University of Denver PhD Brazil, Mexico Political Economy, Business Ethics, Comparative Politics, Human Rights, Latin America, Transitional Justice, Global Governance, Non-State Actors, Corporate Social Responsibility, Self-Regulation, Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives, Mining, Extractive, UNGPs, UN Global Compact, Microfinance, Collective Action, Protest, State and Society, Corporate Community Relations, Multinational Corporations (MNCs) Media Contact
Jennifer Peirce John Jay College of Criminal Justice PhD Candidate Canada, Belize, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua Corrections, prison reform, Latin America, Caribbean, criminal justice, crime prevention, public policy, violence, citizen security Media Contact
Kannamma Raman University of Mumbai PhD India Social Media and Election, Pharmaceutical Policy, Women in Politics, Traditional Knowledge, Surveillance and Privacy. Media Contact
Rebecca Reid University of Texas at El Paso PhD judicial politics, courts, rule of law, judicial decision making, judicial behavior, judicial independence, international law, human rights, separation of powers, comparative courts, international courts, regional courts Media Contact
Jeannine Relly The University of Arizona PhD Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Mexico, U.S. Freedom of Information, access to information, democratic transitions, conflict zones, press-state relations, public corruption, democratic institutions, freedom of expression. Media Contact
Rebecca Richards Keele University PhD Somaliland Statebuilding, state failure, development, peace, security, state, unrecognised state, Somalia, Somaliland Media Contact
Marieke Riethof University of Liverpool PhD Brazil Latin America, Brazil, Chile, foreign policy, international relations, environmental policy, human rights, democracy, solidarity campaigns. Media Contact
Emily Ritter University of California, Merced PhD Repression, Dissent, Human Rights, International Organizations, Political Violence, Formal Theory No Media Contact
Kirsten Roberts Lyer Central European University, Budapest PhD Ireland, Hungary, Europe Human Rights, Rule of Law, national human rights institutions, United Nations human rights mechanisms, Hungary, civil society, ombudsman, parliament oversight, domestic implementation Media Contact
Heather Roff University of Oxford and Arizona State University PhD USA autonomous weapons, artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, emerging technology, international law, human rights, just war theory Media Contact
Mariam Salehi University of Marburg PhD Candidate Tunisia Tunisia, Transitional Justice Media Contact
Jennifer Schiff Western Carolina University PhD environmental policy, water scarcity, integrated water resources management, human right to water, international institutions, water governance, decentralization Media Contact
Livia Schubiger London School of Economics and Political Science PhD State Violence, Organized Crime, Wartime Collective Action, Civilian Mobilization, Armed Groups No Media Contact
Jillian Schwedler Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY PhD Jordan, Yemen Media Contact
Mitu Sengupta Ryerson University PhD India India, Indian politics, development, development ethics, human rights, global ethics Media Contact
Kathryn Sikkink Harvard PhD Argentina, Uruguay, International Relations, Human Rights, International Organizations and Law, Transitional Justice, International Norms, Transnational Issue Networks, Transnational Social Movements, Women's Rights Media Contact
Karen E. Smith London School of Economics and Political Science PhD international relations of the EU; human rights; genocide; foreign policy Media Contact
Heather Smith-Cannoy Lewis & Clark College PhD Media Contact
Sarah Spronk University of Leiden PhD @sarah_spronk Indonesia Africa - Great Lakes Middle-East children's health child-friendly healthcare youth-friendly healthcare youth participation child marriages violence against children violence against women No Media Contact
Lisa Stampnitzky University of Sheffield PhD USA terrorism, political violence, war on terror, expertise, terrorism experts, torture, human rights, international law, international norms, political discourse Media Contact
Izabela Steflja Tulane University, New Orleans PhD Rwanda, Bosnia, Serbia transitional justice, reconciliation, international criminal tribunals, international criminal justice, civil war, ethnic conflict, genocide Media Contact
Philippa Strum Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars PhD Media Contact
Carla Suarez Dalhousie University PhD Candidate Democratic Republic of the COngo Political Violence, Non-State Governance, Rebel Groups, State-Civil-Rebel Relations, Civilian Agency, African Politics, Transitional Justice, Contentious Politics, Human Rights, Qualitative Methods, Latin America Politics Media Contact
Jelena Subotic Georgia State University PhD Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia war crimes, Balkans, international courts, genocide Media Contact
Mariela Szwarcberg Reed College PhD Argentina clientelism, Peronism, Latin America, distributive politics, poverty, gender, inequality Media Contact, No Media Contact
Mona Tajali Agnes Scott College PhD Iran and Turkey Gender and Politics, Women's Political Participation and Representation in MENA region, Human Rights, Gender Quotas Media Contact, No Media Contact
Susan Thomson Colgate university PhD Rwanda Politics, rural-urban relations, land and agriculture, international justice, local justice, gacaca, reconciliation, national unity. Media Contact
Alana Tiemessen Endicott College PhD International justice, international courts, International Criminal Court, human rights, humanitarian intervention, failed states Media Contact
Lucia Tiscornia University of Notre Dame PhD Candidate violence, police reform No Media Contact
Kristen Traynor Kent State University PhD Candidate Political Communication, Guantanamo Bay, Media Framing Media Contact
Cheryl Van Den Handel Northeaatern State University PhD No Media Contact
Ines Varela-Silva Loughborough University PhD Mexico, Portugal, Guatemala, Media Contact
Leslie Vinjamuri SOAS, University of London & Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs PhD US/UK, US/Europe, US/Europe/Syria, US/Europe/Libya Transatlantic Relations, US Foreign Policy, International Security, Mass Atrocities, Intervention, International Justice, Humanitarianism, International Criminal Court Media Contact
Christine Wade Washington College PhD El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica Central America, peace building, peace processes, revolutions, democratization, human rights Media Contact
Carrie Booth Walling Albion College PhD human rights, humanitarian intervention, United Nations Security Council, international courts and tribunals, international norms, justice, individual criminal accountability Media Contact
Denise Walsh University of Virginia PhD South Africa, Chile, Poland, Canada, France Women's rights in the global South, democratization, identity politics, quotas, feminism and feminist theory, multiculturalism, customary law, polygamy, South African politics, women's movements and non-governmental organizations, indigenous politics in Canada, Muslim women in Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, diversity and discrimination in political science and the academy, gender-based violence Media Contact
S. Laurel Weldon Purdue PhD No Media Contact
Jenifer Whitten-Woodring University of Massachusetts Lowell PhD media freedom, human rights, internet, censorship, journalism, democratization, repression and dissent Media Contact
Cai Wilkinson Deakin University PhD Kyrgyzstan, Russia Russia, Kyrgyzstan, LGBTQI, LGBT rights, human rights, queer, security, societal security, traditional values, identity. Media Contact
Carla Winston University of Victoria PhD IR Theory, Norms, Non-State Actors, NGOs, Transitional Justice, Human Rights, Politics and Pop Culture Media Contact
Sonja Wolf CIDE PhD El Salvador crime, violence, street gangs, migration, forced displacement, security policy, drug policy, El Salvador, Central America Media Contact
Veronica Zebadua Yanez New School for Social Research PhD Candidate feminist theory, political theory, gender violence, gender justice, women's rights, human rights, gender policy. No Media Contact
Alexa Zellentin University College Dublin PhD Climate Change, Human Rights, Cultural Rights, Liberal Neutrality Media Contact
Kelebogile Zvobgo University of Southern California PhD Candidate Human rights Transitional justice Development Quasi-judicial bodies International courts No Media Contact
Susanne Zwingel Florida International University PhD Women’s rights, norm translation, gender equality advocacy around the world, global governance and gender, feminist, constructivist and post-colonial IR theories, gender and armed conflict Media Contact