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First NameLast NameUniversityPhDCountry FocusKeywordsAvailability
Lamis Abdelaaty Syracuse University PhD Global, Turkey, Egypt, Kenya refugees, asylum, migration, human rights, humanitarianism, international relations Media Contact
Claire Adida University of California, San Diego PhD Benin, Ghana, France, Nigeria ethnic politics, immigration, Muslim immigrants, ethnicity, exclusion, conflict, immigrant, identity, Africa Media Contact
Hannah Alarian University of Virginia PhD European Union; Germany; Netherlands; United States Immigration, citizenship, integration, comparative politics, Europe Media Contact
Sara Angevine Whittier College PhD Women and Politics, Congress, Women's Rights, Women's Foreign Policy, Identity Politics, LGBT politics, Gender politics, Representation, Global Women's Rights, US Foreign Policy, US Immigration Policy Media Contact
Emily Beausoleil Massey University PhD Political theory, democratic theory, multicultural theory, politics of difference, receptivity, embodiment, affect, aesthetics, performance, political communication. Media Contact
Talene Bilazarian University of Oxford PhD Candidate UK, US counter-extremism, counter-terrorism, policing, local counter-terrorism policy Media Contact
Saskia Bonjour University of Amsterdam PhD Netherlands; France; Germany; European Union Migration policy; citizenship; gender; family migration; intersectionality; civic integration; European Union; decision-making Media Contact
Emma Briant University of Sheffield PhD UK, USA Propaganda, Political communication, Counter-terrorism, media, conflict, disability, journalism, asylum, migration, refugees. Media Contact
Niambi Carter Howard University PhD United States Black Politics, public opinion, race and American Politics, immigration, political behavior Media Contact
Charlotte Cavaillé Institute for Advanced Study In Toulouse PhD Media Contact
Alise Coen University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan PhD U.S.-Middle East Refugees; Responsibility to Protect (R2P); Middle East; U.S. Foreign Policy; Global Governance; Human Rights; Migration and Identity Media Contact
Elizabeth Cohen Syracuse PhD US Immigration, citizenship, rights, philosophy, representation, children's rights. Media Contact
Marie Demker Gothenburg University PhD Sweden, France, Norway Political parties, Ideology, Nationalism, Religion Media Contact
Anne Dölemeyer Leipzig University, Germany PhD Candidate Germany Human trafficking, state ethnography, bureaucracy, citizen participation and representation, city planning No Media Contact
Mila Dragojevic Sewanee, the University of the South PhD political violence, immigration and citizenship, refugees, identity formation, race and ethnicity politics No Media Contact
Darcie Draudt Johns Hopkins University PhD Candidate North Korea, South Korea Northeast Asia relations and security environment, Korean national identity, inter-Korean relations, U.S.-Korea alliance issues, South Korean domestic politics, South Korean social issues, North Korea, borders and borderlands, territorial disputes, migration, citizenship Media Contact
Lenka Dražanová Humboldt University in Berlin PhD Czech Republic comparative politics, comparative political behaviour, public opinion, social/political attitudes formation, populism, nationalism, euroscepticism, quantitative methods Media Contact
Lauren Duquette-Rury UCLA PhD Mexico International migration, remittances, citizenship, political participation, civil society, local democracy, state-society relations, economic development Media Contact
Antje Ellermann University of British Columbia PhD Germany, Canada Media Contact
Emily Farris Texas Christian University PhD United States Urban Politics, Latino Politics, Black Politics, Immigration, Sheriffs, Polling Media Contact
Alexandra Filindra University of Illinois at Chicago PhD United States, Greece immigration, citizenship, gun control, state policy, public policy, racial prejudice Media Contact
Catherine Cymone Fourshey Bucknell PhD No Media Contact
Olivia Garcia University of Texas, El Paso PhD women of color, social movement groups, intimate partner violence, Violence Against Women Act, interdisciplinary, non-electoral politics Media Contact
Jacqueline Gehring University of California, Santa Cruz PhD Germany, France, Belgium racism, European Union, immigration, law, rights, Roma, Islam, Germany, France, sports, citizenship, nationalism, Media Contact
Terri Givens Menlo College PhD United States, France, Germany, Britain Immigration, Electoral Politics, Radical Right, France, Germany, Britain, Race in Europe, Antidiscrimination Policy, Discrimination Media Contact
Marlies Glasius University of Amsterdam PhD Global Civil Society, Authoritarianism, International Criminal Justice, Human Security Media Contact
Sara Wallace Goodman University of California, Irvine PhD European Union; UK; Netherlands; Germany; France citizenship, immigration, integration, multiculturalism, citizenship tests, refugees, nationalism, social policy, welfare state Media Contact
Ayten Gundogdu Barnard College-Columbia University PhD human rights, migration, refugees, Hannah Arendt No Media Contact
Rebecca Hamlin University of Massachusetts PhD United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom asylum, refugee, migrant, immigration, international law, administrative law Media Contact
Allison Harell McGill University PhD
Alexandria Innes University of East Anglia PhD Europe, Southern Europe, Mediterranean migration migration, asylum seekers, refugees, critical security studies, feminist security studies, ethnographic methods Media Contact
Ashley Jardina Duke University PhD Race, ethnicity, and politics, immigration, gender and politics, political psychology, public opinion, voting behavior, elections, political communication, political participation Media Contact
Sandra Joireman University of Richmond PhD Kosovo, Uganda, Liberia, Property Rights, development, migration, post-conflict, customary law, land rights, ethnic conflict, women Media Contact
Sophia Jordán Wallace Rutgers University, New Brunswick PhD Latino Politics, Immigrant Rights Movement, Representation, Racial and ethnic politics Media Contact
Irene Kapusta Columbia University PhD Candidate Media Contact
Kristine Kay University of California, Berkeley PhD Candidate Immigration, Race and Ethnic Politics, Political Psychology, Public Opinion, Partisanship, Surveys & Experiments No Media Contact
Neveser Koker Arizona State University PhD Turkey, France Citizenship, inclusion and exclusion, politics of belonging, imperialism and colonialism, cosmopolitanism, transnational feminism(s), politics of language, politics and literature, Turkey, France, feminist political theory, 18th and 19th century political thought, comparative political theory Media Contact
Stacy J. Kosko University of Maryland PhD development ethics, human rights, capability approach, multiculturalism, minority rights, group rights, agency, recognition, international development, indigenous peoples, Roma Media Contact
Fanny Lauby William Paterson University PhD Media Contact
Jessica Lavariega Monforti California Lutheran University PhD U.S. Elections, women, Hispanic, Latinas, policy, immigration, Cuban Americans Media Contact
Shan-Jan Sarah Liu Newcastle University PhD SJSarahLiu gender, immigration, social movements, women's political representation, women's political participation, media, Asian politics Media Contact
Yalidy Matos Rutgers University, New Brunswick PhD USA Immigration politics policy, race and ethnic politics, public opinion, political behavior, geography of immigration laws, Latino politics No Media Contact
Shannan Mattiace Allegheny College PhD Mexico Mexican social movements; Latin American immigration to US; Race and ethnicity in Mexico and Latin America; Media Contact
Briana McGinnis McGill University PhD USA Political theory, exclusion, exile, banishment, citizenship, punishment, mass incarceration, collateral consequences, criminalization, democratic theory, law and society Media Contact
Jennifer Merolla University of California, Riverside PhD U.S. 2016 Election, terrorism, public opinion, immigration, women and politics Media Contact
Julie Lee Merseth Northwestern University PhD United States race, ethnicity, immigration, women, gender, politics, policy, public opinion, participation, mobilization Media Contact
Melissa Michelson Menlo College PhD United States Elections, Race, Ethnicity, Latinos, Immigration, LGBT Rights, Gay Rights, Transgender Rights, California Politics Media Contact
Celeste Montoya University of Colorado Boulder PhD United States and European Union gender politics, race politics, intersectionality, gendered violence, gender policy, voting rights, immigrant rights, Occupy movement, human rights Media Contact
Liza Mügge University of Amsterdam PhD The Netherlands, Suriname, Turkey, Europe Political representation, gender equality, integration, immigration, political identities, race, ethnicity, intersectionality, pedagogy Media Contact
Lina Newton Hunter College, City University of New York PhD U.S. & Mexico U.S. immigration policy, state immigration laws, American politics Media Contact
Elena Nikolova Institute for East and Southeast European Studies - Regensburg; European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Central European Labor Studies Institute PhD Bulgaria, Greece, Ukraine, post-communist region political economy, comparative political institutions, democracy and democratization, politics of transition region, corruption, public policy Media Contact
Kelsey Norman University of California, Irvine PhD Candidate Egypt, Morocco, Turkey refugees, global migration crisis, Middle East and North Africa, South-South migration Media Contact
Mireille Paquet Concordia University PhD Canada Canada, Immigration, Immigrant Integration, Federalism, Provincial Politics, Québec, Provinces, Social Mechanisms, Citizenship Media Contact
Margaret Peters UCLA PhD US, Singapore, the Netherlands, Syria, Iraq immigration, emigration, migration, trade, new new trade theory, foreign direct investment, autocracies, international political economy, gender Media Contact
Ina Radtke University of Potsdam PhD Candidate Media Contact
Nicole Reiz University of Kansas PhD Candidate Media Contact
Emily Ritter University of California, Merced PhD Repression, Dissent, Human Rights, International Organizations, Political Violence, Formal Theory No Media Contact
Amanda Robinson Ohio State University PhD Malawi ethnicity, nationalism, diversity, culture, segregation, gender gaps, gender differences, ethnic politics Media Contact
Stella Rouse University of Maryland PhD U.S. Latino Politics, minority Politics, institutions, immigration, public opinion, Millennials Media Contact
Meghna Sabharwal University of Texas at Dallas PhD India, United States, South Asia Diversity, Women leadership, Inclusion, Ethics, Job satisfaction, Job productivity, Immigration, high-skilled immigration, Reverse Brain Drain Media Contact
Caress Schenk Nazarbayev University PhD Russia, Kazakhstan Media Contact
Deborah Schildkraut Tufts University PhD United States American identity, representation, ethnic politics, immigration attitudes Media Contact
Melissa Schnyder American Public University PhD Media Contact
Sarah Scuzzarello University of Sussex PhD Media Contact
Allyson Shortle University of Oklahoma PhD United States Public opinion, political psychology, immigration opposition, religious nationalism, anti-GMO attitudes Media Contact
Heather Silber Mohamed Clark University PhD Latino politics in the U.S., immigration, social movements, identity, women and politics Media Contact
Lahra Smith Georgetown University PhD Comparative Politics, African Politics, Citizenship, Migration, Democratization, Institutions No Media Contact
Sarah Song U.C. Berkeley PhD Immigration and Citizenship; Gender and Politics; Political Theory; Refugees; Race, Ethnicity and Politics; Religion and Politics Media Contact
Ethel Tungohan York University PhD Canada, United States, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore immigration policy, migrant activism, social movements, Canadian politics, Comparative Politics (East Asia and North America), transnational feminism, qualitative research methods, interpretive methods, socially engaged research, gender & politics, race, intersectionality Media Contact
Elisabeth Vallet University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada) PhD borders; border fences; border walls; borderlands ; U.S. presidential elections; American government Media Contact
Anne Visser University of California, Davis PhD United States, South Africa economic security, economic mobility, labor markets, employment opportunities, low wage work, poverty Media Contact
Beth Elise Whitaker University of North Carolina, Charlotte PhD Kenya, Tanzania Migration and security in Africa, funding of rebel groups, politics of immigration, refugees, counter-terrorism, diaspora politics Media Contact
Betina Wilkinson Wake Forest University PhD USA Black-Latino relations, Latino/a vote, media coverage of immigration, immigration attitudes Media Contact