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Purdue University
Black women, racial politics, gender politics, youth vote
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  • American Politics
    African American Studies
    Women and Politics

    Black Politics

Recent Publications

Nadia E. BrownSisters in the Statehouse: Black Women and Le… (Oxford Press, 2014).

Brown, Nadia and Sarah Allen Gershon. Forthcoming. “Intersectional Presentations: An Exploratoratory Study of Minority Congresswomen’s Websites Biographies.” Du Bois Review.

Brown, Nadia and Lisa Young. Forthcoming. “Ratchet Politics: Moving Beyond Black Women’s Bodies to Indict Institutions and Structures.” National Political Science Review.

Minta, Michael and Nadia Brown, 2014. “Intersecting Interests: Gender, Race and Congressional Attention to Women’s Issues.” Du Bois Review 11(2): 253-272.

Brown, Nadia. 2014. “Political Participation of Women of Color: An Intersectional Analysis.” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 35(4): 315-48.

Brown, Nadia. 2014. “Black Women’s Pathways to the Statehouse: The Impact of Race/Gender Identities.” National Political Science Review. 16, 81-96.

Orey, B. D’Andra, Nadia Brown. 2014. “Black Women State Legislators – Elector Trend Data 1995-2011.” National Political Science Review, 16, 143-147.

Brown, Nadia. 2014. “It’s More Than Hair…And You Do Care: The Politics of Appearance for Black Women State Legislators.” Politics, Groups, and Identities. 2(3), 295-312.

Banks, Kira Hudson, Tracey Murray, Nadia Brown and Wizdom Powell Hammond. 2014. “The Impact of Feminist Attitudes on the Relation between Racial Awareness and Racial Identity.” Sex Roles: A Research Journal, 70(5-6), 232-239.

Brown, Nadia, and Kira Hudson Banks. 2014. Black Women’s Agenda Setting in the Maryland State Legislature.
Journal of African American Studies, 18(2), 164-180.

Media Coverage

2015 “American Race Relations Post-Ferguson” CCTV Invited television interview, August 11

2015 “New Poll Says that Americans Are More Liberal Than Ever” HuffPost Live Invited television interview, May 29

2014 “Fascination with the Booty” Good Girl Radio Invited radio interview, July 17

2014 “Lupita is Beautiful, But” Good Girl Radio Invited radio interview, April 23

2013 “Student Transfer Law” Stay Tuned Invited television interview, July 18

2013 “LGBT Protection and Equality” Stay Tuned Invited television interview, June 20

2013 “Missouri/Illinois Legislative Wrap Up” Stay Tuned Invited television interview, May 16

2013 “Health Disparities” Nine Network, Stay Tuned Invited television interview, March 21

2013 “Immigration Reform” Nine Network, Stay Tuned Invited television interview, February 7

2012 “Campaigning for Votes of Single Women” Minnesota Public Radio, The Daily Circuit Invited radio interview, August 14

2012 “Michelle Obama and the Sapphire Stereotype” Ebru Today Invited television interview, April 9

2012 “Black Women’s Stereotypes” Tiff Talks Radio, RMG Radio Invited radio interview, March 29

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