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University of Victoria
2016 Election, gender and politics, social media, technology, Canada
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Pedagogy, Technology, Gender and Politics, and Social Media

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“Innovating International Relations Pedagogy” co-authored with Laura Parisi, Juliann Allison, Debra DeLaet, Elina Penttinen, Helle Rytkonen, Ellie Schemenauer, Simona Sharoni & Heather Smith, 15: 3, 2013, 412-425, International Feminist Journal of Politics

“Queen Caroline” co-authored with John Chris Laursen, 4, 2012, 12-21, Revista Estudos Hum(e)anos


Reviewer, Sociology and Anthropology, “Socio-Economic Background and Women Empowerment in Cross River State, Nigeria,” July 2015

Reviewer, BC Studies, Stalled: The Representation of Women in Canadian Governments, UBC Press, 2013. March 2014

Reviewer for Oxford University Press, Introduction to Politics, Canadian Edition, Feb 2014

Reviewer for Oxford University Press, Gender and Feminist Theory book, Nov 2013

Reviewer for Oxford University Press, Gender and Feminist Theory book, Nov 2013

Reviewer for Politics, Groups and Identities, “Crossing the Intersection: The Representation of Disadvantaged Identities in Advocacy,” Nov 2013

Reviewer for Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice, “Challenging the Invisibility of Breastfeeding through Performance Art and Activism,” Aug 2013

Reviewer for Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice, “A Girl Can Dream’: Lifestyle Blogs and Pinterest Albums as Narratives of Domestic Fantasy,” July 2013

Media Coverage

Regular contributor to:

CFAX 1070




Times Colonist

Globe and Mail 

I need to update my CV, however, here are some appearances in the last two years.

CBC All Points West, Jun 26, 2015, “Victoria Diamond Dig”

MetroNews, Jun 26, 2015, “Victoria Diamond Dig”

CTV News, Jun 26, 2015, “Victoria Diamond Dig”

CFAX, Jun 26, 2015, “US Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Ruling”

Macleans, Jun 22, 2015 “Christy Clark: The Comeback Kid” (political analysis)

CTV, June 19, 2015, “US Elections”

CBC All Points West, June 18, 2015, “Privacy, Social Media & Youth”

Ryerson Journalism, April 7, 2015, “Instagram & Rupi Kaur”

Glenn Beck Program, Oct 28, 2014, “Defining Assigned Gender Roles”

National Post, Sept 12, 2014, “Body Sushi & Sexism”

CTV News, Aug 15, 2014, “Social Media and Privacy”

CTV News, Aug 8, 2014, “Snapchat, Social Media and Privacy”

CBC Radio, Aug 8, 2014, “Privacy and Social Media”

CBC, Daybreak South, “Leadership and Social Media in BC”

CFAX 1070, Aug 18, 2014, “Ferguson, the Media, and Social Media”

CFAX 1070, Aug 14, 2014 “Superheroes, Gender & Change”

CFAX 1070, Aug 8, 2014, “ Women and Popular Media: Super Heroes”

CFAX 1070, June 30, 2014, “Mothers Change Diapers & Fathers Form Leaders”

Daily News, June 13, 2014, “Bridge Proponents Give Petition to Ministry”

CTV Interview, June 5, 2014, “Social Media and Moncton Police Shooting:

CKNW, May 26, 2014, “Social Media, UCSB & Gender”

Georgia Strait, May 8, 2014, “Facebook Lives and Our Real Lives”

Times Colonist, May 5, 2014, “10,000 Talks and Counting: UVIC Speakers Bureau” May 1, 2014, “BC Education Plan Could Hurt Arts”

Globe and Mail, April 4, 2014, “Social Media, Students, and Professors” Blog post

Inside Higher Education, Mar 17, 2014, “Technology Is for Closers” Blog Post

CFAX 1070, Interview, Mar 7, “International Women’s Day”

CFAX 1070, Interview, Feb 11, 2014, “Sexism in the Media: Not Buying It App”

CFAX 1070, Interview, Jan 29, “State of the Union”

Times Colonist, Jan 1, 2014, “How to Avoid Being a Social Media Tool in 2014” op-ed with Nav Bassi

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USA and Canada

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