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University of Queensland
Free speech, hate speech, speech regulation, human rights, Australian politics
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I have expertise in freedom of speech, and speech regulation, with a focus on hate speech and terrorist-related speech. I have conducted comparative research on the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

I have recently completed a large research project with Prof Luke McNamara on the impact of hate speech laws on public discourse in Australia.

I have also recently completed a large research project, “Free Speech after 9/11” which is a comparative examination of the impact of counter terrorism policy on freedom of speech in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Recent Publications

Gelber, K 2016 Free Speech After 9/11, Oxford University Press, Oxford (forthcoming).

Gelber, K & McNamara, L 2016 ‘Evidencing the harms of hate speech’, Social Identities, DOI: 10.1080/13504630.2015.1128810.

Gelber, K & McNamara, L 2015 ‘The effects of civil hate speech laws: lessons from Australia’, Law and Society Review 49(3): 631-664.

Dunne, T & Gelber, K 2015 ‘Argumentation and the Responsibility to Protect: The case of Libya’, in Kurt Mills and David Karp (eds) Human Rights Protection in Global Politics: Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke: 288-308.

Gauja, A & Gelber, K 2015 ‘The French Court’ in Rosalind Dixon and George Williams (eds) The High Court, the Constitution and Australian Politics, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne: 311-326.

Gelber, K & McNamara, L 2014 ‘Changes in the expression of prejudice in public discourse in Australia: assessing the impact of hate speech laws on letters to the editor 1992-2010’ Australian Journal of Human Rights 20(1): 99-128. [Datafile at: doi: 10.14264/uql.2015.766].

Gelber, K & McNamara, L 2014 ‘Private Litigation to address a Public Wrong: A study of Australia’s regulatory response to ‘hate speech’’, Civil Justice Quarterly 33(3): 307-334.

Gelber, K & McNamara, L 2013 ‘Freedom of speech and racial vilification in Australia: ‘The Bolt case’ in public discourse, Australian Journal of Political Science 48(4): 470-484.

Gelber, K 2013 ‘Secrecy provisions in Australian counter terrorism policy: violating international human rights standards?’ Australian Journal of Human Rights 19(2): 25-46.

Gelber, K 2012. ‘Political Culture, Flag Use and Freedom of Speech’, Political Studies, 60(1): 163-179.

Media Coverage

Gelber, K 2016 ‘Free Speech, ABC Radio National Sunday Extra, 21 August,

Gelber, K 2016 ‘The Australian Liberty Alliance and multiculturalism’, ABC Capricornia Radio, 3 March.

Gelber, K 2015 ‘When words fail: comparing Islamic State to the Nazis misses the mark’, The Conversation, 9 September,

Gelber, K 2015 ‘Free Speech After 9/11’, Academic Minute (, also syndicated on radio throughout northeast United States and on Inside Higher Ed, 21 May,

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