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Plaza Colodro
University of Salamanca
Electoral competition, party politics, electoral behavior, cleavages, economic crisis, Great Recession, Europe, social groups
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The recession and the debt crisis has had profound effects on the political live of several European countries. In those countries more affected by financial stress, the crisis has led to the rapid growth of new parties characterized by the confrontation to the traditional political forces, an opposition to the austerity measures implemented by governments and by extension, a critic to supranational institutions, such as the European Union. My research aims to understand to what extent this political phenomenon triggered in the Great Recession era is a driving or a secondary force of political change in European contemporary party systems. More specifically, I address this question in comparative perspective by analysing the emergence of the new political division in five of the most hit countries of the Eurozone: Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Recent Publications
  1. Plaza-Colodro, Carolina. Electoral Changes in a Europe in crisis: Party System and vote to third parties in Ireland, Portugal and Spain (2007 – 2012). (Original title: Cambios electorales en una Europa en crisis: sistema de partidos y “voto a terceros” en Irlanda, Portugal y España (2007-2012)). Published in Gredos – document repository of the University of Salamanca –
  2. 2015. Plaza-Colodro, Carolina. The effects of economic crisis in European political systems (Original title: Los efectos de la crisis económica en los sistemas políticos europeos). Revista de Estudios Políticos vol. 170 págs. 317-336
  3. Gonzalo, Daniel and Carolina Plaza-Colodro The rol of candidates in open elections. Indirect effects and vote in 2014 European Elections in Spain (Original title: El rol de los candidatos en elecciones abiertas. Efectos indirectos y voto en las Elecciones Europeas de 2014 en España) in Manuel Alcántara, Mario Daniel Serrafero and Martín Cuesta (coords.) Política y democracia. Anversos y Reversos. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: L&C ; Salamanca : FLACSO ESPAÑA
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Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland (PIIGS)

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