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Temple University
international relations, democracy promotion, non-state actors in world politics, gender and human rights policy, Middle East politics
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The Taming of Democracy Assistance: Why Democracy Promotion Does Not Confront Dictators (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015).

“International Politics and the Spread of Quotas for Women in Legislatures.” International Organization vol. 65, no.1 (2011): 103-137.

“Anti-Americanism, Authoritarian Regimes, and Attitudes about Women in Politics: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Jordan,” with Amaney Jamal. International Studies Quarterly vol. 59, no. 1 (2015): 34-45 .

“When and Why is Civil Society Support ‘Made-in-America’? Delegation to Non-State Actors in American Democracy Promotion.” Review of International Organizations, pp. forthcoming.

“The Effects of Authoritarian Iconography: An Experimental Test,” with Aaron Erlich, Lauren Prather, and Yael Zeira. Comparative Political Studies, pp. forthcoming.

“Small Tribes, Big Gains: The Strategic Uses of Gender Quotas in the Middle East,” with Eleanor Gao. Comparative Politics, pp. forthcoming.

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