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Middlebury College
Civil Society, NGOs, Chinese Politics
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Research interests include governance and policy diffusion in authoritarian regimes, specifically the role of civil society.  The current research project focuses on policy experimentation by local governments in China.

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Teets, Jessica and William Hurst, eds. Local Governance Innovation in China: Experimentation, Diffusion, and Defiance. Routledge Contemporary China Series. October 2014.

Teets, Jessica. Civil Society under Authoritarianism: the China Model. Cambridge University Press. May 2014.

Hsu, Carolyn and Jessica C. Teets. “Is China’s New Overseas NGO Management Law Sounding the Death Knell for Civil Society? Maybe Not.” The Asia-Pacific Journal. February 2016.

Teets, Jessica. “The Emergence of Consultative Authoritarianism in China: Contending Models of Civil Society Management in Yunnan and Beijing.” Journal of Contemporary China 24. January 2015.

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