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University of North Texas
foreign policy, foreign aid, development, women and politics, international children's rights, intercountry adoption, women in academia
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foreign policy analysis, development cooperation, women/gender & politics, the politics of international children’s rights (and especially intercountry adoption), and the sociology of the profession

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Blanton, Robert G., and Marijke Breuning. 2016. “What Makes International Studies Programs Successful? A Survey-Based Assessment.” International Studies Perspectives.  17(2).  Early view published online 2-3-2015. doi: 10.1111/insp.12100


Breuning, Marijke, Jeremy Backstrom, Jeremy Brannon, Ben Gross, and Michael Widmeier. 2015. “Reviewer Fatigue? Why Scholars Decline to Review their Peers’ Work.” PS: Political Science and Politics.  48(4):595-600.


Lu, Kelan, and Marijke Breuning. 2014. “Gender and Generosity: Does Women’s Representation Affect Development Cooperation?” Politics, Groups, and Identities. 2(3):313-330.


Breuning, Marijke. 2013. “Samaritans, Family Builders, and the Politics of Intercountry Adoption.” International Studies Perspectives.  14(4): 417-435.


Hancock, Kathleen, Matthew Baum, and Marijke Breuning. 2013. “Women and Pre-Tenure Scholarly Productivity in International Studies: An Investigation into the Leaky Career Pipeline.” International Studies Perspectives. 14(4): 507-527.


Breuning, Marijke. 2013. “Roles and Realities: When and Why Gatekeepers Fail to Change Foreign Policy.” Foreign Policy Analysis.  9(3): 307-325.


Breuning, Marijke. 2013. “What Explains Openness to Intercountry Adoption?” Social Science Quarterly.  94(1):113-130.

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