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University of Pittsburgh
Scandinavian politics, policy making, legislative politics, interest groups, legislative deliberation
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I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh (expected: 2018). I specialize in comparative politics  (political institutions, policy making, and Nordic/Scandinavian politics), but I have side interests in information economics, political economy, and judicial politics as well.

My dissertation deals with the decline of interest group representation and broad-based consensus in legislative preparation in the Nordic countries. The question relates more generally to the institutional trade-off between majoritarianism and consensus in the design of political institutions. My future work will delve into the broader consequences of these changes for democracy.



Recent Publications

Bonneau, Chris W. Kelly, Jarrod T., Pronin, Kira, Redman, Shane M. and Matthew Zarit. 2016. “Evaluating the Effects of Multiple Opinion Rationales on Supreme Court Legitimacy” American Politics Research, October 2016.

Radhika, Pronin, Kira, Zhang, and John W. Dickhaut. 2011. “Decision Making and Trade without Probabilities.” Economic Theory, Vol. 48:2-3, 275-288.

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Sweden, Norway, Finland

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