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My dissertation focuses on the temporal aspects of elections and democracy. Developing a theoretical concept “Chrono-Work”, I study how we imagine the past, the present, and the future after elections and how these imaginations enable to tell a reliable story about “the people” and about democracy.

I also study national identity, performative theory, collective memories, narratives, quantitative and qualitative methods, and political behavior.

Recent Publications

2015    “Voter Election Frames: What Were the Elections About?” Political Studies 63(5), 995-1013 (with Jacob Shamir and Michal Shamir)

2015    The Process of National Parties Decay in Municipal Elections – A Houdini Trick or Pure Rationality. In: Beeri, I. and E. Razin (Eds.), Local Democracy in Israel: Decentralization, Localism, Participation and Local Politics. Jerusalem: Floersheimer Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (with Hani Zubida) (Hebrew)

2013    “Making Time for National Identity: Theoretical Concept and Empirical Glance on the Temporal Performance of National Identity”. Nations and Nationalism 19(4), 696-714.

2013    “Home and Away: Hybrid Perspective on Identity Formation in 1.5 and Second Generation Adolescent Immigrants in Israel”. Glocalism: Journal of Culture, Politics and Innovation 1 (with Hani Zubida, Robin A. Harper, Ora Nakash and Anat Shoshani)

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