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University of Mississippi
Economic sanctions, the United Nations Security Council, peacekeeping
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Economic sanctions, the United Nations Security Council

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  • Allen, Susan Hannah and Amy T. Yuen. 2014. “The Politics of Peacekeeping: UN Security Council Oversight Across Peacekeeping Missions.” International Studies Quarterly 58 (3): 621-632.
  • Allen, Susan Hannah and Maryann Gallagher. 2013. “Presidential Personality: Not Just a Nuisance.” Foreign Policy Analysis 10 (1): 1-21.
  • Allen, Susan Hannah and David J. Lektzian. 2013. “Economic Sanctions: A Blunt Instru- ment?” Journal of Peace Research. 50(1): 121-135.
  • Allen, Susan Hannah and Tiffiny Vincent. 2011.“Bombing to Bargain? The Air War for Kosovo.” Foreign Policy Analysis 7(1): 1-26.
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