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Georgetown University
mass incarceration, race, protest politics, immigrant detention, community policing
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Walker, Hannah L., Thorpe, Rebecca, Christensen, Emily and Anderson, JP. “The Hidden Subsidies of Rural Prisons: Race, Space and Cumulative Disadvantage.” Forthcoming in Punishment and Society.

Walker, Hannah L. 2014. “Extending the Effects of the Carceral State: Proximal Contact, Political Participation and Race.” Political Research Quarterly, 67(4): 809-822.

Sanchez, Gabriel R., Vargas, Eduard D., Walker, Hannah L., and Ybarra, Vickie D. 2015. “Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Relationship Between Latino/a’s Personal Connections to Immigrants and Issue Salience and Presidential Approval.” Politics, Groups and Identities, 3(3).

Walker, Hannah L. and Bennett, Dylan. 2015. “The Wages of Wisconsin’s Whiteness: Black Milwaukee, White Waukesha, and the Destruction of Public Sector Labor Unions.” New Political Science: A Journal of Politics and Culture, 37(2): 181-203.

Dana, Karam and Walker, Hannah L. 2015. “Invisible Disasters: The Effects of Israeli Occupation on Palestinian Gender Roles.” Contemporary Arab Affairs, Forthcoming.


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