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Sydney University
Political parties, membership, party law, comparative political institutions.
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I am an Associate Professor of Politics at Sydney University. My  research interests broadly centre on the comparative analysis of political institutions in modern representative democracies. I study political parties and how they adapt to social and organisational change, and in doing so assess the continuing relevance of these institutions as mechanisms for citizen participation in politics and their ability to represent diverse and conflicting interests. I also research in the areas of comparative party law and electoral regulation. I am currently undertaking a three year research project (2016-2018) funded by the Australian Research Council on what is means ‘to join’ – how we can best understand the concept of membership in modern parties and other political organisations.

Recent Publications

Anika Gauja (2016) Party Reform: The Causes, Challenges and Consequences of Organizational Change. Oxford: Oxford University Press (forthcoming, November 2016).

Anika Gauja (2016) ‘The Legal Regulation of Political Parties: Is There a Global Normative Standard?’ Election Law Journal 15(1): 4-19.

Anika Gauja and Stewart Jackson (2016) ‘Australian Greens Party Members and Supporters: Their Profiles and Activities’, Environmental Politics 25(2): 359-379.

Emilie van Haute and Anika Gauja (eds) (2015) Party Members and Activists. London: Routledge.

Narelle Miragliotta, Anika Gauja and Rodney Smith (eds) (2015) Contemporary Australian Political Party Organisations, Melbourne: Monash University Press.

Anika Gauja and William Cross (2015) ‘Research Note: The Influence of Party Candidate Selection Methods on Candidate Diversity’, Representation 51(3): 287-298.

Anika Gauja and Graeme Orr (2015) ‘Regulating “Third Parties” as Electoral Actors: Comparative Insights and Questions for Democracy’, Interest Groups and Advocacy 4(3): 249-271.

Nicole Bolleyer and Anika Gauja (2015) ‘The Limits of Regulation: Indirect Party Access to State Resources in Australia and the UK’, Governance 28(3): 321-340.

Anika Gauja (2015) ‘The Construction of Party Membership’. European Journal of Political Research 54(2): 232-248.

Anika Gauja (2015) ‘The Individualisation of Party Politics: The Impact of Changing Internal Decision Making Processes on Policy Development and Citizen Engagement’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations 17(1): 89-105.




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I am a regularly interviewed by radio, print and television news in Australia and internationally, including the BBC, ABC and Fairfax.

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