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University of Mannheim
repression, civil war, armed conflict, protest, militias
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I am Professor of Political Science at the University of Mannheim, Germany.

I am interested in various forms of political violence, primarily repression, civil war and armed conflict within countries. I have focused recently in particular on the role of irregular security forces of the state: pro-government militias. A key aspect of my work asks how political institutions affect a government’s propensity to use violence and the behaviour of potential political opposition groups and protesters. I am currently working on a project, funded by an ERC Starting Grant (2014-2019), to find out why and when political violence does or does not escalate.

Recent Publications

Carey, Sabine C., Michael P. Colaresi, and Neil J. Mitchell. Forthcoming. ‘Risk Mitigation, Regime Security, and Militias: Beyond Coup-proofing’. International Studies Quarterly.

Carey, Sabine C., Michael P. Colaresi, and Neil J. Mitchell. 2015. ‘Governments, Informal Links to Militias, and Accountability’. Journal of Conflict Resolution. 59(5): 850-876.

Neil J. Mitchell, Sabine C. Carey and Christopher Butler. 2014. ‘The Impact of Pro-Government Militias on Human Rights Violations’. International Interactions. 40(5): 812-836.

Carey, Sabine C., Neil J. Mitchell and Will Lowe. 2013. ‘States, the Security Sector, and the Monopoly of Violence: A New Database on Pro-Government Militias.’ Journal of Peace Research 50(2): 249-258.

Carey, Sabine C. 2010. ‘The Use of Repression as Response to Domestic Dissent.’ Political Studies 58(1): 167-186.

Media Coverage

The GDI/DIE has published a policy brief on Pro-Government militias, human rights abuses and the ambiguous role of foreign aid by Sabine Carey and Neil Mitchell.

Sabine Carey on Landesschau Aktuell Rheinland-Pfalz about the Kurdish conflict in Turkey. Watch the clip here. (in German)

The Silk Road to Insecurity: Why Not Public-Private Collaboration in the Security Sector?‘, guest post on the Political Violence @ a Glance Blog, 4 Sep. 2015

Informal Counterinsurgencies from Iraq to Nigeria: Who pays the price? guest post on the Monkey Cage, 22 Dec. 2014

‘Irregular Forces in Ukraine’, guest post on the Political Violence @ a Glance Blog, 6 Aug. 2014.

Gohdes, Anita & Sabine C. Carey: ‘Protest and the Outsourcing of State Repression‘, guest post on the Political Violence @ a Glance Blog, 26 Feb. 2014.

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