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San Diego State University
reproductive policy, reproductive politics, reproductive rights, reproductive justice, abortion, women's health, social movements, activism, feminism, interpretive research methodology, visual politics, narrative analysis, visual analysis, interdisciplinary research
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My research and scholarship include:

Policy discourses regarding reproductive technologies, such as emergency contraception and medication abortion;

The activism of women of color within the reproductive justice movement;

The verbal and visual rhetoric of anti-abortion campaigns that target the African American community;

The challenges of interdisciplinary research.

Recent Publications

Price, Kimala (forthcoming 2016). “The Emergence of the Black Fetus.” Contexts. Winter: 19-20.

Price, Kimala. 2012. “Reflections on Intellectual Hybridity.” Journal of Feminist Scholarship. 2 (Spring): 54-68.

Price, Kimala. 2011. “The Quest for Purity: The Role of Policy Narratives in Determining Teen Girls’ Access to Emergency Contraception in the United States.” Sexuality Research and Social Policy. 8(4): 282-293. DOI 10.1007/s13178-011-0068-8.

Price, Kimala. 2011. “It’s Not Just about Abortion: Incorporating Intersectionality in Research about Women of Color and Reproduction.” Women’s Health Issues. 21(3S): S55-S57.

Price, Kimala. 2010. “What is Reproductive Justice? How Women of Color Activists Are Re-Defining the ‘Pro-Choice’ Paradigm.” Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism. 10(2): 42-65.

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