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University of Chicago
International Relations, International Organizations, Institutional Design, International Political Economy, International Law, US Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Lobbying, Democratization, Global Governance, NGOs, Research Design
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International Organizations (IOs) and International Law are fundamental in my research. I am interested in understanding how states choose to cooperate—from how they design agreements to how institutions change state-level behavior and what mechanisms states employ to ensure compliance. I am interested in examining how power and IOs intersect; that is, how weaker states sometimes use IOs to gain advantage in world politics and how stronger states optimize their choice of institutional forums from a wider menu of alternatives. I want to better understand how states utilize different mechanisms of flexibility, informality, and legitimacy to strengthen diplomatic and security pursuits.

My research also addresses non-traditional ways that foreign governments affect U.S. foreign policy. In particular, I am studying the effect of foreign lobbying on a broad set of foreign policy issues including international trade, foreign aid, and human rights ratings.

Recent Publications

“Organization Without Delegation: Informal Intergovernmental Organizations (IIGOs) and the Spectrum of Intergovernmental Arrangements,” (with Duncan Snidal). 2013. Review of International Organizations, Vol. 8 (2).

Also published in The Law and Politics of International Organizations International Law series, 2015. Kenneth W. Abbott and Jack E. Brown (ed.), Edward Elgar: Northampton.


“Consultative and Observer Status of NGOs in Intergovernmental Organizations,” Bob Reinalda (ed.) Handbook of International Organization 2013, Routledge: London.



Informal Organizations in IPE. Oxford Handbook of International Political Economy (Oxford Handbook of International Relations series), Jon Pevehouse and Leonard Seabrooke (ed.)


Transnational Administration in Informal International Organizations. Handbook on Global Policy and Transnational Administration (Oxford University Press). Kimberly Moloney and Diane Stone (ed.)


Under Review

“Suspensions from Intergovernmental Organizations”

“The Punishment Phase: IGO Suspensions After Political Backsliding” (with Inken von Borzyskowski)

“NGOs as State Allies: Granting Consultative Status at ECOSOC”

“The Informational Role of Foreign Lobbying in U.S. Foreign Aid: Is U.S. Assistance for Sale?” (with Jon Pevehouse)

“Foreign Lobbying and Human Rights Ratings.” (with Jon Pevehouse)

Media Coverage

“Will the EU Suspend Poland? Here are three reasons that’s unlikely.”

“Does the G-8’s suspension of Russia actually matter?” The Washington Post: Monkey Cage blog.

“The BRICS and the Future of ‘Informal’ IGOs.” February 2014. The International Relations and Security Network blog.

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