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Radford University
Politics and policy, disasters and crises, community mobilization after disasters, social vulnerability and resilience, Hurricane Katrina
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Dr. Tanya Buhler Corbin’s primary area of research focuses on the politics and policy changes that are proposed and adopted after crises and disasters, with an emphasis on the ways in which traditionally marginalized groups access and affect the policy process. She has studied policy entrepreneurship, congressional agenda setting, and disaster recovery after Hurricane Katrina. In addition, she engages in local community partnerships that assist rural communities mitigate disasters and develop resilience.

Recent Publications

“Less than meets the eye: Congressional action on issues of Race, Class, and Gender in Post-Katrina policymaking.” Race, Gender & Class, Special Issue: Rebuilding RGC Inequality in Post Katrina New Orleans Ten Years Later.

Corbin, Tanya Buhler. 2015. “Social vulnerability and political advocacy after hurricane Katrina,” in Sustainable Development and Planning. C. A. Brebbia, ed. WIT Transactions on The Built Environment, 168. WIT Press: Southampton UK.

Corbin, Tanya Buhler. 2015. “Leveraging Disaster: Promoting Social Justice and Holistic Recovery through Policy Advocacy after Hurricane Katrina,” Journal of Public Management & Social Policy: 22(3), Article 5.

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