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Black women's politics, Activism, Work force development, Civil Rights,
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Julia Jordan-Zachery’s interdisciplinary research focuses primarily on African American women and public policy. My research analyses the nexus of race, gender, class, sexuality and public policy.  I am also interested in how Black women “perform” intersectionality from an intra-group perspective.  This analysis looks at how Black women talk about and respond to social and political issues affecting Black women. In essence, my research seeks to unmask hidden power relations that directly and indirectly influence the lived experiences of Black women.

Recent Publications

“Black women, cultural images, and social policy”. (2009). Winner of the 2010 Anna Julia Cooper Outstanding Book Publication Award, Association for the Study of Black Women in Politics and the 2009 W. E. B. Dubois Best Book Award, National Conference of Black Political Scientists.

“I ain’t your darn help: Black women as the help in intersectionality research.” (2014). National Political Science Review

“Now you see me, now you don’t: My political fight against the invisibility of Black women in intersectionality research”. (2013). Politics, Gender and Identities

“Blogging at the intersections: Black women, identity, and lesbianism”. (2012). Politics & Gender

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