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Mexican social movements; Latin American immigration to US; Race and ethnicity in Mexico and Latin America;
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Over the course of my career I have worked most on social movements in Mexico, primarily those based on racial and ethnic identity. My principal focus has been on indigenous organizations and movements in southern Mexico. I teach and have published on Mexican immigration to the US. My recent work has focused on citizen responses to insecurity in Mexico City and on indigenous policing and narco violence in Mexico.

Recent Publications

(with Rodrigo Llanes) “Reformas Multiculturales para los mayas de Yucatán.” Estudios Sociológicos 33.99 (sept-dic 2015).

“Yucatec Maya Organizations in San Francisco, California: ethnic identity formation across migrant generations (Research Note).” Latin American Research Review 50.2 (2015).

“The Multiculturalism That Wasn’t: Legislative Reforms for Mexico’s ‘Tranquil’ Indians in Yucatán.” In Latin America’s Multicultural Moments and the Struggle Between Communitarianism, Autonomy, and Human Rights. Eds. Todd A. Eisenstadt, Michael S. Danielson, Moisés Jaime Bailón, and Carlos Sorroza Polo. New York: The Oxford University Press, 2013.

(with Tomas Nonnenmacher) “The Organization of Hacienda Labor during the Mexican Revolution: Evidence from Yucatán.” Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos 30.2 (Summer 2014): 366-396.

“Ethnic Mobilization among the Maya of Yucatán Today.” LACES (Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies) 4.2 (July 2009): 137-169.

“Social and Indigenous Movements in Mexico’s Democratization.” In The Oxford Handbook of Mexican Politics, ed. Roderic Ai Camp. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012.

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