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Missouri State University
policy process, food policy/sustainability food policy, environmental university-community partnerships, local environmental policy, policy process
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My research focuses on understanding the complex process of developing and implementing public policies at the federal, state, and local levels. This includes the initial phase of identifying problems in society, resolutions to resolve problems, and assessing the performance of the policies once implemented. Specific issue areas of interest include organic food and agriculture policy, food labeling, university-community partnerships for improving local environmental performance, and local environmental performance.

Recent Publications

Mosier, Samantha L., and Dawn Thilmany. 2016. Diffusion of Food Policy in the U.S.: The Case of Organic Certification. Food Policy, 61:80-91.

Mosier, Samantha. 2015. Does the Gown Help the Town? Examining Town-Gown Relationship Influence on Local Environmental Sustainability. International Journal of Public Administration, 38(11):769-781.

Mosier, Samantha L. 2013. Cookies, Candy and Coke: Examining State Sweetened-Beverage Tax Policy from a Multiple Streams Approach. International Review of Public Administration, 18(1): 93-120.

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