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United States
University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan
Refugees; Responsibility to Protect (R2P); Middle East; U.S. Foreign Policy; Global Governance; Human Rights; Migration and Identity
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I am interested in the intersections between international and domestic politics. My work has focused on U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East, refugee policy (particularly the Syrian refugee crisis), global governance, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P or RtoP) and human rights regimes, and the securitization of Islam and Muslim identity in American politics. My current project explores connections between migration, identity, and domestic politics in shaping the U.S. response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Recent Publications

Alise Coen, “Capable and Culpable? The United States, RtoP, and Refugee Responsibility-Sharing.” Ethics & International Affairs 31:1 (2017).

Alise Coen, “Securitization, Normalization, and Representations of Islam in Senate Discourse.” Politics and Religion 10:1 (2017).

Alise Coen, “The Responsibility to Protect and the Refugee Crisis.” Sustainable Security (March 9, 2016).  Available at:

Matthew Coen Leep and Alise Coen, “Civilian Casualty Inequity, Partisanship, and American Public Support for Israel.” Global Change, Peace & Security 28:2 (2016).

Alise Coen, “R2P, Global Governance, and the Syrian Refugee Crisis.” The International Journal of Human Rights 19:8 (2015).

Alise Coen, “Global Governance, Islamism, and Authority in the Middle East,” in Sai Felicia Krishna-Hensel, ed., Religion, Education and Governance in the Middle East: Between Tradition and Modernity (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2012).



Media Coverage

“Perspectives on Syrian Refugee Crisis.” Wisconsin Public Radio. (September 10, 2015). Interview available at:

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U.S.-Middle East

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