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United Kingdom
University of Sheffield
Propaganda, Political communication, Counter-terrorism, media, conflict, disability, journalism, asylum, migration, refugees.
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Dr Emma Louise Briant – Lecturer in Journalism Studies, at University of Sheffield

I am an academic straddling sociology, political science and communication with my main research interests in US and British foreign policy, propaganda and the role of the media in contemporary conflicts. My other recent published research also includes analyses of media coverage of disability and asylum in the UK with the Glasgow Media Group where I worked and studied for my PhD in Sociology prior my appointment to Sheffield University in 2013. During this time I also coauthored ‘Bad News for Refugees‘ with Greg Philo and Pauline Donald. More recently I authored my second book ‘Propaganda and Counter-terrorism: Strategies for Global Change‘ published by Manchester University Press and am producing other articles and blogs on this subject, which can be viewed on this website using the links above.

Recent Publications


Briant, E (2015) Propaganda and Counterterrorism: Strategies for Global Change, Manchester University Press

Briant, E; Philo, G; Donald, P (2013) Bad News for Refugees, Pluto Press

Articles, chapters and reports

Briant, Emma L (April 2015) ‘Allies and Audiences: Evolving strategies in Defense and Intelligence Propaganda’ in International Journal of Press and Politics vol 20, no 2, pp145-165

Emma L Briant (27 November 2014) ‘Lee Rigby report is another weapon in the propaganda war’ in The Conversation

Briant, E; Philo, G; Donald, P (October 2013) ‘The Role of the Press in the War on Asylum’ in Race and Class, vol 55 no 2

Briant, Emma L (28 September 2013) ‘The UK Media Needs to Stop Referring to Refugees as “Illegal Immigrants”‘ in New Statesman

Briant, Emma L, Nick Watson and Greg Philo (September 2013) ‘Reporting Disability in the Age of Austerity: the changing face of media representation of disability and disabled people in the United Kingdom and the creation of new folk devils’ in Disability and Society, vol 28 no 6

Briant, Emma L., Watson, N & Philo, G (2011) ‘Bad News for Disabled People: How the newspapers are reporting disability’, Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research and Glasgow Media Unit Report for Inclusion London

Philo, G and Emma L Briant (2008) ‘Community Cohesion and the Role of the Local’, report for the Office of Lord Mayor of London, commissioned by Jackie Cooper Public Relations

Emma L Briant ‘The Struggle for Public Opinion within the Media and Information War on Terror’ in NATO Centre of Excellence Defence Against Terrorism (2007) The Media: The Terrorists’ Battlefield, IOS Press

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