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Chestnut Hill College
arms control, nuclear nonproliferation, science and international public policy, government legitimacy in China, climate change debate, global education, democratization, U.S. foreign policy, realism, balance of power, international organizations, terrorism, international relations theory, U.S. primacy
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Science advice and international policy making in climate change, nuclear proliferation and public health

Global Learning in Higher Education

Political Legitimacy in China

Nuclear Proliferation

International Relations Theory

International Terrorism

Recent Publications
  • Reich, J.C “Global Learning and General Education for the Twenty-First Century.” Educational Research and Reviews. Vol. 7 (21), August 8, 2012, pp. 464-473.
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  • Television interview: Invited Guest Commentator to answer questions about the state of nuclear weapons stockpiles and negotiations based on my published research in The Nonproliferation Review, “Achieving the Vision of the NPT”:  NBC10 “@ Issue” September 25, 2011.
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