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Howard University
Black Politics, public opinion, race and American Politics, immigration, political behavior
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  • My work focuses on Race and Ethnic Politics, particularly Black Politics in the US.  Ibam currently working on a book manuscript that examines Black public opinion on immigration.  My work also incorporates gender as an intersecting identity that complicates the ways in which people experience race.  My work has appeared in Political Psychology; Politics, Groups and Identities; Politics & Gender; Journal of African American Studies; Journalmof Women, Politics, and Policy; and Journal of Politics.  She has also been cited by the Washington Post and the Center for American Women and Politics.
Recent Publications

Carter, Niambi M. and Efren O Perez. 2015. “Race and Nation: How Racial Hierarchy Shapes National Attachments.”. Political Psychology.

Carter, Niambi.  2013.  ” The Curious Case of Judge Aaron: Race, the Law, and the Protection of White Supremacy.” Politics, Groups, and Identities, 1,3: 370-379.

Carter, Niambi.  2012.  “Intimacy without Consent: Lynching as Sexual Violence.” Politics & Gender, 8,3: 405-414.

Nunnally, Shayla and Niambi M. Carter.  2012.  “Moving from Victims to Victor’s: African American Attitudes on the ” culture of poverty” and Black Blame.” Journal of African American Studies 16,3: 423-455.

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