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University of Amsterdam
civil war, refugees, state-building, counter-insurgency, research design
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Abbey studies two broad areas, primarily in Colombia and Latin America. The first is the dynamics of civil war violence, especially when and where armed groups displace civilians, armed group recruitment and defection, and civilian resettlement patterns.  The second is state-building, such as how political institutions like taxation emerge or are imposed by states and armed groups.

Recent Publications

2016. “Warfare, Political Identities, and Displacement in Spain and Colombia,” with Laia Balcells. Political Geography. 

2015. “True Believers, Deserters, and Traitors: Who Leaves Insurgent Groups and Why,” with Ben Oppenheim, Juan F. Vargas and Michael Weintraub. Journal of Conflict Resolution.

2011. “Electing Displacement: Political Cleansing in Apartadó, Colombia.” Journal of Conflict Resolution.

2009. “Seeking Safety: Displacement and Targeting in Civil Wars.” Journal of Peace Research. Vol 46, No. 3. 419-430.


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