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Illinois State University
state supreme courts, electing of judges, state institutional interactions
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My expertise is on state supreme court decision-making.  I focus on what influences justices on these courts in their votes, how they write their opinions, and other decisions they make.  Much of this work examines the differences in how elected and appointed justices make decisions.

I also study the role of the state supreme court in the separation of powers system in the states.  More clearly, I look at what power the state legislature has over the court, and which of these institutions have control over final policy outcomes.

Recent Publications

Leonard, Meghan E., and Joseph V. Ross. 2014. “Consensus and Cooperation on State Supreme Courts” State Politics and Policy Quarterly 14(1) 3-28.

Leonard, Meghan E. 2014. “Elections and Decision-Making on State High Courts: Examining Legitimacy and Judicial Review” Justice System Journal 35(1) 45-61.

Leonard, Meghan E. 2016. “State Legislatures, State High Courts, and Judicial Independence: An Examination of Court-Curbing Legislation in the StatesJustice System Journal 37(1): 53-62

Leonard, Meghan E. and Joseph V. Ross. 2016. “Understanding the Length of State Supreme Court Opinions” American Politics Research

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