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University of Arkansas
Arkansas/Southern Politics, Women in Politics, Gender and Public Policy, Polling, Voting and Public Opinion, Direct Democracy
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Janine A. Parry is Professor of Political Science at the University of Arkansas and has directed the Diane D. Blair Center’s Arkansas Poll since its inception in 1999. Professor Parry’s recent research projects examine the effect of endorsements on ballot measure voting and the role of women in contemporary southern politics. She is the author of two books and numerous articles and chapters. Her analysis has been sought by NPR, CNN, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and more. This year, she was awarded the University of Arkansas Teaching Academy’s Imhoff Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring.

Recent Publications

Women’s Rights in the U.S.A., 5th edition, with Dorothy McBride. New York: Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2016.

Jay Barth and Janine A. Parry. 2014. “Arkansas: Another Anti-Obama Aftershock.” In Second Verse, Same as the First: Presidential Elections in the South, ed. Scott E. Buchanan and Branwell DuBose Kapeluck, University of Arkansas Press.

Burnett, Craig M., and Janine A. Parry. 2014. “Gubernatorial Endorsements and Ballot Measure Approval,” State Politics and Policy Quarterly 14:1-18.

Chand, Danny, William D. Schreckhise, and Janine A. Parry. 2014. “In defense of the lowly scorecard: What legislator ratings can tell us about interest groups.” Interest Groups & Advocacy 3:268-292.

Janine Parry, Daniel A. Smith, and Shayne Henry. 2012. “The Impact of Petition Signing on Voter Turnout,” Political Behavior 34:117-136.

Jay Barth and Janine A. Parry. 2009. “Political Culture, Public Opinion and Policy (Non)Diffusion: The Case of Gay and Lesbian-Related Issues in Arkansas,” Social Science Quarterly, 90:309-325.

Jay Barth and Janine A. Parry. 2009. “2 > 1+1? The Impact of Contact with Gay and Lesbian Couples on Attitudes about Gays/Lesbians and Gay-Related Policies,” Politics and Policy, 37:32-51.

Jay Barth, Janine A. Parry, and Todd Shields. 2009. “The 2008 Presidential Election in Arkansas,” in Presidential Elections in the South, Dubose Kapeluck, ed. (Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas Press).

Janine A. Parry, Jay Barth, Martha Kropf, and Terry Jones. 2008. “Mobilizing the Seldom Voter: Campaign Contact and Effects in High-Profile Elections,” Political Behavior, 30:97-113.

Janine A. Parry and William D. Schreckhise. 2008. “Arkansas: The Status of African Americans and Women in the Border South,” in New Voices in the Old South: How Women and Minorities Influence Southern Politics, in Todd G. Shields and Shannon David, eds. (Tallahassee, FL: Florida Institute of Government Press).

Janine A. Parry, Brian Kisida, and Ronald Langley. 2008. “The State of State Polls: Old Challenges, New Opportunities,” State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 8(2):198-216.

Martha Kropf, Janine A. Parry, Jay Barth, and Terry Jones. 2008. “Pursuing the Early Voter: Which Bird Gets the Worm?” Journal of Political Marketing, v. 7(2): 131-150.

Janine A. Parry, and Todd Donovan. 2008. “Leave the Rascals In?  Explaining the Poor Prospects of Term Limits Extensions,” State Politics and Policy Quarterly, 8(3): pp. 293-308.

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