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Institute for Defense Analyses
Elections, electoral violence, gender, political representation, political institutions, conflict, security sector reform, defense and security issues
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Electoral Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa: Causes and Consequences (2015); “Kenya’s Diaspora and the 2013 Elections,” with Dorina A. Bekoe (2016) Journal of Diaspora Studies; “The Resilient Voter? An Exploration of the Effects of Post-Election Violence in Kenya’s Internally Displaced Person Camps,” (2015) Journal of Refugee Studies; “Engendering Politics: The Impact of Descriptive Representation on Women’s Political Participation in Sub-Saharan Africa,” with Tiffany D. Barnes (2013) Comparative Political Studies; “You Have to Know Where to Look in Order to Find It: Competition in Botswana’s Dominant Party System,” (2013) Government and Opposition. 

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Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa

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