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Leiden University
media and politics, digital media, social media, Twitter, digital research methods, public discourse, public spheres, Muslim politics, Western Europe, United States, Central Asia, comparative politics, international relations
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My research combines interests in media and politics–particularly digital and social media–social movements, and Muslim politics around the world. I am currently working on several projects. The first examines the interaction between citizens and politicians via social media, asking how much and under what conditions politicians engage in reciprocal dialogue with their constituents online. The second project examines how people discuss sensitive, cross-cultural issues, including terrorist attacks, online. I am particularly interested in whether the mainstream media in western democracies are covering the same dimensions of these issues as people are discussing online. Finally, I am conducting research into public discourse around Islamic radicalism in former Soviet Central Asia (i.e., Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan).

Recent Publications

Tromble, Rebekah and Stockman, Daniella. forthcoming. “Lost Umbrellas: The Right to be Forgotten in Internet Research.” In Internet Research Ethics for the Social Age: New Cases and Challenges. Zimmer, Michael and Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda, eds. New York: Peter Lang.

Tromble, Rebekah and Wouters, Miriam. 2015. “Are We Talking With or Past One Another? Examining Transnational Political Discourse Across Western-Muslim ‘Divides.'” International Studies Quarterly, 59(2): 373-386.

Tromble, Rebekah. 2014. “Securitising Islam, Securitising Ethnicity: The Discourse of Uzbek Radicalism in Kyrgyzstan.” East European Politics, 30(4): 526-547.

Media Coverage

Tromble, Rebekah and Hovy, Dirk. 24 February 2016. “These 6 Charts Show How Much Sexism Hillary Clinton Faces on Twitter.” Washington Post, The Monkey Cage.


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United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan

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