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University of Georgia
U.S. judicial politics; U. S. Courts of Appeals
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Haire has received two grants from the National Science Foundation for her research on federal courts.  With Donald Songer and Reginald Sheehan, she is the author of Continuity and Change on the United States Courts of Appeals (University of Michigan, 2000), and has published works in a variety of social science and law journals, including the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Politics, Journal of Law and Courts, Judicature, and Law and Society Review.  With Laura Moyer, Haire examines the role of judge gender and race entitled, “Does Diversity Matter? Judicial Policy Making on the U.S. Courts of Appeals” (2015, University of Virginia Press).

Recent Publications

Laura Moyer and Susan Haire. 2015. “Trailblazers and Those That Followed: Personal Experiences, Gender, and Judicial Empathy.” Law and Society Review 3:665-690.

Susan Haire, Barry Edwards, and David Hughes. 2013. “The Voting Behavior of Obama’s Appointees.” Judicature.

Susan Haire, Laura Moyer, and Shawn Treier. 2013. “Crafting Law on the the US Courts of Appeals: Does Diversity Make a Difference?” Journal of Law and Courts 1:303.

Laura Moyer, Todd Collins, and Susan Haire. 2013. “The Value of Precedent: Appellate Briefs and Judicial Opinions in the U.S. Courts of Appeals” Justice System Journal 34: 62.

Lisa Holmes, Rorie Solberg, and Susan Haire. 2012. “Neither Gone nor Forgotten:  The Impact of Senior Status Judges on the U.S. Courts of Appeals.” Judicature 95(5):227-236.

Erin Kaheny, Susan Haire, and Sara Benesh. 2008. “Change over Tenure: Voting, Variance, and Decision making on the U.S. Courts of Appeals.” American Journal of Political Science 52: 490-503.

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