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Dartmouth College
international security, US foreign policies, alliances, East Asia, Japan, China, Korea, reconciliation, Yasukuni, apologies, history problems, North Korea, nationalism
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–memory, history, and reconciliation: how do the ways that a country remembers its past affect its foreign relations? How, in the wake of terrible violence, do countries “put the past behind” and reconcile?

–Japanese security policy: is Japan becoming a “normal” military power? What are the drivers of Japanese security policy? How resilient is the US-Japan alliance?

–how is the global balance of power changing with China’s rise? Can China catch up to the United States? Will China seek to change the nature of the international system when/if it does catch up?

–future of the Korean peninsula: is North Korea’s government going to collapse? What instability would occur in the wake of regime collapse in North Korea?

Recent Publications
  • The Sources of the Sino-American Spiral,” The National Interest, September 18, 2013 (with Daryl G. Press).
  • “The Collapse of North Korea: Military Missions and Requirements” International Security, Vol. 36, No. 2 (Fall 2011), pp. 84-119. Co-authored with Bruce W. Bennett. [pdf]
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Interviewed by New York Times, Washington Post, Wall St. Journal.

Appearances on PBS NewsHour; National Public Radio/Talk of the Town; France 24.

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Japan, Korea, China

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