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York University
immigration policy, migrant activism, social movements, Canadian politics, Comparative Politics (East Asia and North America), transnational feminism, qualitative research methods, interpretive methods, socially engaged research, gender & politics, race, intersectionality
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My research interests are immigration policy, migrant activism, social movements, intersectionality, and Canadian and Comparative politics, with a special focus on SE Asia and North America.

My research and advocacy commitments include working with migrant communities on collaborative projects that contribute to theory-building and that advance community needs. As a socially engaged researcher, I am particularly interested in studying the different research methodologies that researchers and community groups when working together.

Recent Publications

Tungohan, E. (2014) From the Politics of Everyday Resistance to the Politics From Below: the Migrant Domestic Workers Movement in Canada. [doctoral thesis] Faculty of Arts, University of Toronto. (Winner of the 2014 National Women’s Studies First Book Prize and under contract with the University of Illinois Press).

Tungohan, E. (2015) ‘Intersectionality and Social Justice: Assessing Activists Use of Intersectionality through Grassroots Migrant Organizations in Canada,’ Politics, Groups, and Identities. (DOI: 10.1080/21565503.2015.1064006)

Tungohan, E. (2015) ‘International Approaches to Governing Temporary Labour Migrants: A Critical Assessment of the UN Committee on Migrant Workers, the ILO Convention on Labour Migration, and the International Migrants Alliance,’ in J. Boulden and W. Kymlicka (Eds), International Approaches to Governing Ethnic Diversity (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press), pp. 102-127.

Tungohan, E., R. Banerjee, W. Chu, et al. (2015) ‘After the Live-in Caregiver Program: Filipina Caregivers’ Experiences of Uneven and Graduated Citizenship,’ Canadian Ethnic Studies 47:1, pp. 87-106.

Tungohan, E. (2013) ‘Reconceptualizing Motherhood, Reconceptualizing Resistance: Migrant Domestic Workers, Transnational Hyper-Maternalism and Activism,’ International Feminist Journal of Politics 15:1, pp. 39-57.

Tungohan, E. (2012) ‘Protecting Temporary Labor Migrants: An Emerging Role for Global Cities,’ in H. Bader (Ed) Immigration and Settlement: Challenges, Experiences, and Opportunities in Global and Local Contexts (Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars Press), pp. 75-93.

Coloma, R., B. McElhinney, E. Tungohan, J.P. Catungal, and L. Davidson, eds. (2012) Filipinos in Canada; Disturbing Invisibility. (Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press).

Media Coverage

“‘Project Guardian’ Raids on Caregivers Leads to Calls for Immigration Reform.” 29 March, 2016.

“Filipinas in Canada to Philippine Politicians: Give Better Service, Protection.” The Philippine Daily Inquirer. 10 March, 2016.

“Nannygate a Controversy Only Because Canada Undervalues Caregivers.” Edmonton Journal, pp. A15. December 4, 2015. Also found in:

“Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Canada: We Have a Few Questions.” December 10, 2015.

“Canada Denied this Filipina Immigrant Residency Because her Daughter is Deaf.” 10 June 2015.

“Live-in Caregiver Program Changes.” Alberta Prime Time, CTV. January 29, 2015.

Country Focus
Canada, United States, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore

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