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University of Washington
Internet politics, social movements, Anonymous, hacktivists, piracy, cybersecurity, ICT for development, online communities (e.g., 4chan, reddit), online culture (e.g., trolling)
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I am a post-doc and research scientist at the University of Washington in the Jackson School of International Studies. I also hold an affiliation with the Technology and Social Change Group in the UW’s Information School.

I study digital politics. My research focuses on online social spaces and state-society relations. Much of my work explores the political mobilization emerging from highly populated online communities and focuses on actors such as Anonymous and other hacktivists, the Pirate Parties, and digital pirates. I also have an interest in cybersecurity issues, particularly the role of non-state actors in global security, and some background in ICTD issues.

Recent Publications

Beyer, J. (2014) Expect Us: Online Communities and Political Mobilization. Oxford University Press.

Beyer , J. and McKelvey, F. (2015) “You Are Not Welcome Among Us: Pirates and the State,” International Journal of Communication, 9.

Earl, J. and Beyer, J. (2014). “The Dynamics of Backlash Online: Anonymous and the Battle for WikiLeaks” in Research in Social Movements, Conflicts, and Change.

Beyer, J. (2014) “The Emergence of a Freedom of Information Movement? Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Pirate Party, and Iceland,” Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, 19(2): 141-154.

Beyer, J. (2013) “Anonymous and Authoritarian Regimes,” book chapter in State Power 2.0, Muzammil M. Hussain and Philip N. Howard (eds.).

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