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University of Wisconsin-Madison
Legislative Politics, Campaign Finance, Class Inequality and Labor Politics, Political Parties and Interest Groups, Research Methods/Research Design
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I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Trice Faculty Scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I received my Ph.D. from Harvard University, and previously served as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University before joining the UW-Madison faculty.  My current book project, Where Money Matters in Congress, examines the influence of money on the internal politics of Congress and the biases it has for the policy-making process.  In addition to research on the influence of money, other research projects examine the U.S. Congress, political parties, and public opinion, and have appeared in the Journal of Politics, the British Journal of Political Science, and Political Science Research and Methods among other journals.

Recent Publications

Money in Exile: Campaign Contributions and Committee Access (Joint with Justin Grimmer, forthcoming, Journal of Politics)

Understanding The Party Brand: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Valence” (Joint with Daniel M. ButlerJournal of Politics, 76(2): 492-505)

“Congressmen in Exile: The Politics and Consequences of Involuntary Committee Removal” (Joint with Justin GrimmerJournal of Politics, 75(4), 907-920)

Revisiting Electoral Volatility in Post-Communist Countries: New Data, New Results and New Approaches” (Joint with Joshua A. Tucker – British Journal of Political Science 44(1): 123-147.

Revisiting Public Opinion  in the 1930s and 1940s(Joint with Adam Berinsky, Eric Schickler and Ian Yohai, PS: Political Science & Politics 44(3): 1-6)

“Driving Support: Workers, PACs, and Congressional Support of the Auto Industry” (Joint with Ryan T. Moore & Andrew Reeves, Business & Politics 15(2): 137-162.)

“Crowded Space, Fertile Ground: Party Entry and the Effective Number of Parties” (Joint with Daniel Kselman and Joshua A. Tucker  Political Science Research and Methods, 4(2): 317-342).

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