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United Kingdom
University of Oxford
International Political Economy, International Monetary Fund, Investment Arbitration, Computational Simulation in Social Sciences
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I am a postdoctoral research fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government. My research interests lie in the areas of international political economy, international organizations with a particular focus on the International Monetary Fund, computational simulation and multi-method research in social sciences, as well as investment arbitration. My current research attempts to open the black box of the negotiations for IMF programs, which sheds light on the processes leading to variation in IMF conditionality.

I hold a Ph.D. degree in International Relations/Political Science from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, a master’s degree in International Relations from Middle East Technical University and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bilkent University.

Recent Publications

Angin, Merih and Pinar Bedirhanoglu. “Privatization Processes as Ideological Moments: The Block Sales of Large-Scale State Enterprises in Turkey in the 2000s.” New Perspectives on
Turkey 47 (2012): 139-167.

Dupont, Cédric, Thomas Schultz, and Merih Angin. “Political Risk and Investment Arbitration: An Empirical Study.” Journal of International Dispute Settlement Vol. 7 (2016): 136-16.

Dupont, Cédric, Thomas Schultz, Melanie Wahl and Merih Angin. “Types of Political Risk Leading to Investment Arbitrations in the Oil & Gas Sector.” Journal of World Energy Law & Business 8 (2015): 337-361.

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