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Martina Angela
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West Virginia University
Geographer with research interests in agriculture in the global south, gender division of labor, feminist participatory methodologies, feminist epistemology, Eastern Africa dry lands, landscape, climate narratives, Venezuela, irrigation in the Andes, embodied knowledge, emotional geographies, fieldwork methodologies, neoliberal university.
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I will be starting on a TT position as Associate Professor in Geography with a focus on the human dimensions of water at West Virginia University. I hold a PhD in Geography from the University of Stockholm. My doctoral dissertation investigated gender contracts in small holder irrigation farming systems in Kenya and Tanzania.

Recent Publications

Caretta, M.A., Riaño, Y. 2016 Feminist Participatory Methodologies in Geography: Creating Spaces of Inclusion. Qualitative Research, doi:10.1177/1468794116629575

Caretta, M.A. 2015. East African Hydropatriarchies: An analysis of changing waterscapes in smallholder irrigation farming. Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Human Geography. ISBN: 978-91-7649-206-2.diva2:853702

Caretta, M.A., Vacchelli, E. 2015. Re-thinking the boundaries of the focus group. A reflexive analysis on the use and legitimacy of group methodologies in qualitative research. Sociological Research Online. DOI: 10.5153/sro.3812

Caretta, M.A. 2015. Member checking: a participatory method to test and analyze preliminary results in cross-cultural, cross-language research. Online first. Qualitative Research DOI: 10.1177/1468794115606495

Caretta, M.A. “Managing variability and scarcity.  An analysis of Engaruka: a Maasai smallholder irrigation farming community” Agricultural Water Management 189, 318-330. DOI: doi:10.1016/j.agwat.2015.05.015

Caretta, M.A. 2015. Situated knowledge in cross-cultural, cross-language research: a collaborative reflexive analysis of researcher, assistant and participant subjectivities. Qualitative Research 4, 489-505DOI: 10.1177/1468794114543404

Caretta, M.A. and Börjeson, L. 2015. Local gender contract and adaptive capacity in smallholder irrigation: a case study from the Kenyan dry-lands. Gender, Place & Culture 22, 644–661. DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2014.885888

Caretta, M. A., Cadena Montero, G.Y., Sulbarán, L., Sandoval, R. 2015. ¿La revolución tiene cara de campesina?” Un caso de estudio de la participación activa de las mujeres en el riego del páramo venezolano. Revista Latino Americana de Genero y Geografia, Vol. 6 , n. 2.  pp. 3- 23. DOI: 10.5212/Rlagg.v.6.i2.0001

Caretta, M. A. 2015. Casa Rut. A multilevel analysis of “good practice” in the social assistance of sexually trafficked Nigerian women. Affilia. Online First. DOI: 10.1177/0886109915572846

Caretta, M.A. 2014. Hydropatriarchies and landesque capital: a local gender contract analysis of two smallholder irrigation systems in East Africa The Geographical Journal. Early View. DOI: 10.1111/geoj.12102

Caretta, M.A. 2014. ‘“Credit plus” microcredit schemes: a key to women´s adaptive capacity’  Climate & Development. DOI: 10.1080/17565529.2014.886990

Caretta, M.A., Kuns, B. and Webster, N. 2014. Praktiska, metodologiska och emotionella utmaningar i fält. En diskurs att utvecklas inom geografi. Geografiska Notiser, 72, 3, 117 – 126.

Media Coverage

Caretta, M. A. 2015. “Cash crop models disregard women’s knowledge” in the Editorial of Farming Matters December 2015 Edition.

Caretta, M. A. et al. 2015. Labour, climate perceptions and soils in the irrigations systems in Sibou, Kenya & Engaruka, Tanzania. Popular scientific publication from the dept of Human Geography in English, Swahili and Marakwet. ISBN: 978-91-87355-15-8 (English);  978-91-87355-17-2 (Kiswahili); 978-91-87355-16-5 (Marakwet)

Caretta, M.A. 2015. Participation in cross-cultural, cross-language research. The role of assistants. RGS Participatory Geographies Research Group (27 July 2015).

Caretta, M.A. 2014. Arguing against gender blindness in landscape investments. Geography Directions RGS-IBG journals and Geography Compass (8 July 2014).

Caretta, M.A. 2014 Challenging hierarchical research relations and improving research trustworthiness: the use of member checking. Field Research Method Lab at LSE (23 May 2014).

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