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Northern Arizona University
Terrorism, Women and Terrorism, Women in Politics, Social Movements, Political Participation, Europe
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I do work on political participation, particularly how it intersects with political contention and gender.  Most of my recent work has been on women and terrorism, but I also have written about gender and more traditional political participation, such as voting.  My training is in comparative politics, and I specialize in Western Europe, particularly France, Spain, UK and Germany.  I have, however, done work on American politics as well, and I have broad experience researching and writing about social movements. I have held a Fulbright Fellowship at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, I have served as a Fulbright reviewer, I have been the recipient of a Kettering Award for increasing statewide deliberation in Arizona, I have taught, lived and lectured in the US and in Europe, and I have served as statewide coordinator for Arizona Deliberates, an organization tasked with increasing political deliberation in Arizona.

Currently I am Professor and Department Chair at Northern Arizona University in the Department of Politics and International Affairs.

Recent Publications
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Wolf, M. (2015). American Difference: American Politics From a Comparative Perspective. Washington, DC: Sage CQ Press.
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Ortbals, C. (2012). Terrorism and Violent Conflict: Women’s Agency Leadership and Responses. Springer Press.
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Ortbals, C. (2016). Women Policymakers Framing their Leadership and Lives in Relation to Terrorism: The Basque Case. Journal of Women, Politics and Policy.
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Ortbals, C. (2014). Women Defining Terrorism: Ethnonationalist, State, and Intimate Terrorism. Critical Studies on Terrorism, 7(3), 336–356.
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Ortbals, C. (2014). Dangerous Fieldwork? Researching Terrorism and Negotiating Human Subjects and Interpersonal Relations. Sage Cases in Methodology.
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Ortbals, C. (2014). Gendering Abottabad: Agency and Hegemonic Masculinity in an Age of Global Terrorism. Gender Issues, 31(1), 34–57.
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Ortbals, C. (2014). The Domestic Determinants of Transnational Activity: An Examination of Women’s Groups in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. International Studies Quarterly, 58(1), 68–78.
Poloni-Staudinger, L., & Ortbals, C. (2011). Gendered Opportunities? Political Opportunities and Activity Choice Among Women’s Movements in the UK, France and Germany. Social Movement Studies: Journal of Social, Cultural and Political Protest, 10(1), 55–79.
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Je Suis Charlie (9 January 2015)

Isis Mente Delle Terroristes (ISIS, In The Mind of Terrorists) Panorama (Italy) (2 February 2015)

Aid Worker Held By ISIS Put Beliefs Into Action, Friends Say

Morning Edition, NPR (11 February 2015).

Washington Post.  In 6 Graphs Here’s Why Young Women Don’t Support Hilary Clinton as Much as Older Women Do: (  This has been reposted in multiple outlets.

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France, Spain, Germany, US

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