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University of Cincinnati
Evangelicals, interest groups, religion and politics, Republican party, Republican activists, Christian Right, Religious Left.
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I study religion and politics, political activism, organized political interests, and state politics.  My book, The Christian Right in Republican State Politics (Palgrave, 2009), examines the political goals and strategies of the state-level conservative Evangelical activists. I have published work on religious interest groups and both the Christian Right and Left.  My current research includes the delegates to the national party conventions, and the role of political activists in alleviating social and policy inequalities.

Recent Publications

Kimberly H. Conger. 2014. “Same Battle, Different War: Religious Movements in American State Politics.” Politics & Religion. 7:395-417.

Kimberly H. Conger. 2014. “Religious Actors in State Political Institutions.” In Mediating Religion: Political Institutions and the Policy Process, edited by Elizabeth A. Oldmixon and Kevin den Dulk. New York, NY: Palgrave MacMillan.

Paul A. Djupe and Kimberly H. Conger. 2012. “The Population Ecology of Grassroots Democracy: Christian Right Interest Populations and Citizen Participation in the States.” Political Research Quarterly. 65:927-940.

Kimberly H. Conger. 2011. “Religious Interest Groups in the American Political Process.” In Religion and American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives, edited by Amy Black, Larycia Hawkins and Douglas Koopman. White Plains, NY: Pearson Longman. pp. 192-201.


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NPR, The Kansas City Star, and the Times of India, Religion News Writers expert listing.

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