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Bjorknes University College
American exceptionalism, U.S. Foreign Policy, unilateralism, multilateralism, internationalism, isolationism.
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Hilde Eliassen Restad is Associate Professor in International Studies at Bjørknes College in Oslo, Norway. A Fulbright alumna, she has a Ph.D. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia, and is frequently used as a commentator on U.S. politics in Norway.

Recent Publications

Blog post on American exceptionalism, Donald Trump, and U.S. elections: Donald Trump’s calls to “Make America great again” show that American Exceptionalism is still a powerful idea.

Blog post on Hillary Clinton and gendered media coverage of female political candidates: “Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.S. Presidential Politics.”

American Exceptionalism: An Idea that Made a Nation and Remade the World (Routledge: 2014)

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Interviewed by POLITICO for an article on academic studies of Donald Trump: “The Rise of Trump Studies”


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