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United States
California State University, San Bernardino
Media, Gender, Masculinity Studies, American Presidency, Social Networking, Sexism, Media Framing, Political Communication, Public Opinion
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I am an assistant professor of political science at CSUSB. I primarily study gender and the American Presidency, as well as political communication. Right now I am researching the ways in which gender and notions of political leadership interact, and how this interaction contributes to a masculine image of the American Presidency, and the consequences of this.

I am also currently studying social media use, and how users discuss and share political information, and how user differences predict behavior on these cites.

Recent Publications

Tough Enough for the Job? How Masculinity Predicts Recruitment of City Council Members.

Trump Hasn’t Rolled Back Obama’s Executive Orders (So Far)

Comparing Apples to Oranges: Paying Attention to Measurement in Reporting the Gender Gap in the 2016 Election

Masculinity, Media, and the American Presidency

Here’s How we Talk about Manhood–And Womanhood-During a Presidential Race

The Two Hillary Clintons: How Supporters and Detractors Describe the Democratic Nominee

Man Enough? Masculinity, Media, and The American Presidency. 

From Ferraro to Palin: Sexism in Coverage of Vice Presidential Candidates in Old and New Media. 

Internet Use and Political Participation: Engaging Citizenship Norms Through Online Activities. 

Media Coverage

Washington Post. November 3, 2016. “What’s Behind the ‘Drunk Hillary’ Meme?” 

NPR. October 2, 2016. “Trump and the Testosterone Take Over of 2016.”

New York Times. August 9, 2016. “Tough Guys Aren’t Comfortable with Tough Women Like Clinton. May 10, 2016. “Hillary Clinton’s Relationship with #NeverTrump Republicans is Complicated.

Pacific Standard. March 24, 2016. “Its Raining Manhood. March 17, 2016. “Their Audiences Are for Bernie. So Where are “Broad City,” Lena Dunham, and Other Famous Millennial Women Pr0-Hillary?”

Reuters. January 13, 2016. “A Powerful Veep Audition for GOP Governor Nikki Haley.”

The New York Times. December 9, 2015. “Hillary Clinton’s Toughness.”

The Idaho Statesman. September 10, 2015. “Third Annual Women and Leadership Conference Comes to Boise State.

The Atlantic. August 22, 2012. “9 Concrete, Specific Things We Actually Know About How Social Media Shape Elections.”


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