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University of Waterloo
security studies, gender, international relations, counter-terrorism
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I am Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Waterloo and the Balsillie School of International Affairs.

I am an expert on national and global security. I can also comment on Canadian foreign policy, Canada-US relations, and gender and world politics.

My specific research projects include:

  1. Counter-terrorism and national security policing
  2. Heroism and world politics
  3. Portrayals of military masculinity in popular culture


Recent Publications

Kitchen, V. “The Ethics of Mega-Event Security: When the World Comes to Visit” in Unsettled Balance ed. Rosalind Warner, UBC Press 2015.

Kitchen, Veronica M. and Kimberly Rygiel, “Integrated Security Networks: Less, Not More Accountability” Putting the State on Trial: The Policing of Protest during the G20 Summit” eds. Margaret Beare, Nathalie Des Rosiers, and Abigail C. Deshman. UBC Press, 2015.

Kitchen, Veronica, and Adam Molnar. “The Promise and Perils of Integrated Models of Public Safety in Canada.” In Researching Terror Networks: From Radicalization to Counter-Terrorism Policies, edited by Martin Bouchard. Routledge, 2015.

Kitchen, Veronica and Kimberly Rygiel “Privatizing Security, Securitizing Policing: The Case of the G20 in Toronto, Canada” International Political Sociology 8(2), p. 201-217, June 2014;

Dunton, Caroline and Veronica Kitchen “Paradiplomatic Policing and Relocating Canadian Foreign Policy” International Journal 69(2), p. 183-197; June 2014. 50/50 co-authorship

Kitchen, Veronica M. “Where is Internationalism?: Canada-US Relations in the Context of the Global and the Local” in Heather A. Smith and Claire Turenne Sjolander, eds. Canada in the World: Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Policy. 2012.

Kitchen, Veronica M. 2010. The Globalization of NATO: Intervention, Security and Identity (New York: Routledge).

Media Coverage

‘You’re not RCMP anymore’: Security experts blast Kevin Vickers for overreacting in tackling Irish protester (Article in National Post by Bruce Cheadle; quoting Veronica Kitchen

Six-Year-Old Ontario Boy Named ‘High Profile’ Flight Risk (Article on by Jake Kivanc, quoting Veronica Kitchen)

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