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Fordham University
2016 election, social media, campaigns and elections, civic technology, e-governance
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I’m interested in how political campaigns and local governments use technologies to get people to participate–how do they craft messages and goals for social media, mobile apps, and data/analytics, and what strategic ends they use them for. I’m also interested in how those opportunities to participate restructure forms of political participation and ideas about citizenship by asking us to take certain actions over others.

My book, Using Technology, Building Democracy: Digital Campaigning and the Construction of Citizenship (2015, Oxford UP) focuses on how political campaigns from 2010-2014 learned how to craft digital messages (especially on social media) after the revolutionary Obama 2008 campaign, and how those messages asked us to be participatory, vocal citizens.

My larger body of work also looks at innovation efforts within municipal governments, such as the development of 311/reporting apps by cities, and the rise of innovation offices across major cities.

Recent Publications

Baldwin-Philippi, J. (2015). Using technology, building democracy: Digital campaigning and the construction of citizenship. New York: Oxford University Press

Baldwin-Philippi, J. (2015). “The Cult(ure) of Analytics in 2014” in Campaign 2014: Media Message and Mobilization eds. John Allen Hendricks and Dan Schil. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Baldwin-Philippi, J (forthcoming, 2017). “Politics 2.0” in Sage Handbook of Social Media eds. Jean Burgess, Alice Marwick, and Thomas Poell. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

O’Brien, D., Gordon, E., Baldwin-Philippi, J. (2014). “Caring about the Community, Counteracting Disorder: 311 Reports of Public Issues as Expressions of Territoriality,” Journal of Environmental Psychology, 40: 320-330

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