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Tulane University
Clientelism, Patronage, Corruption, Elections
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“Merit, Tenure, and Bureaucratic Behaviour: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in the Dominican Republic” (with Christian Schuster) Comparative Political Studies (forthcoming)

Making it Personal: Clientelism, Favors, and the Personalization of Public Administration in Argentina,Comparative Politics 48(3): 373-391 (2016).

Corruption as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Costa Rica (with Ana Corbacho, Daniel Gingerich, and Mauricio Ruiz Vega), American Journal of Political Science 60(4): 1077-1092 (2016).

“When to Protect? Using the Crosswise Model to Integrate Protected and Direct Responses in Surveys of Sensitive Behavior” (with Daniel Gingerich, Ana Corbacho, and Mauricio Ruiz Vega) Political Analysis 24(2): 132-156 (2016).

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Latin America, Argentina

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