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Renee Ann
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Drake University
Reproductive Rights, feminism, American Indian law and politics, campus activism, birth, regulation, Supreme Court.
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My most recent book is on celebrity, pregnancy, and politics – looking particularly at reproductive law and politics in the United States since 1995.  I also do work on birth rights and midwifery care in the United States, and am an expert on state laws regulating access to this care.  I am an intersectional feminist scholar with a grounding in critical race theory, and have an expertise in university policies to become more inclusive and welcoming to a diverse student body.  Finally, my first book is on American Indian law and politics, and I maintain a research interest in the politics of Indian identity, casinos, and land claims.

Recent Publications

Pregnant with the Stars: Watching, and Wanting, the Pregnant Celebrity Body.  2015.  Stanford University Press.

Please see the link to my website for a full c.v.

Media Coverage

I write for The Conversation USA, and have had pieces there picked up by The New Republic and Time.  I also write for Life of the Law.  The New York Times and The Washington Post have interviewed me for coverage of celebrity pregnancy.

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United States

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